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Oh my God!!!!!!!


Had a few drinks last night, thought I could cope with the diet as well, but I think my drinking went a bit to far and then went for a curry. :mad:

I can't believe I was so stupid, I am only in week 2 I have no willpower at all, I need help.

So I thought I'd check my Ketosis level, and to my amazment they are fine - HOW CAN THIS BE?? I did have parathas, handful of chips no rice tho.

Any ideas or words of wisdom,

Feel crap by the way too.
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Hopefully you will stay in ketosis, though you may not......put this behind you get straight back on track and drink plenty of water .....think of it as flushing it out of your system.
Do you think the ketosis stick is wrong then, I was planning on drinking loads of water today, can't face it at mo, having a cup of tea
One pint down 6 more to go!!
Have you read the sticky about drinking in Ketosis?
If you read that it might stop you drinking and then eating....Sorry for being all motherly,but just wanted you to be aware how bad it can be to drink when in ketosis
Yeh I have read that, it was a moment of weakness that I hope will not happen again, I do appreciate the thought, its nice that there are nice people on this website that find the time to comment on my predicament.

It all helps me keep motivated


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I sympathise with you, i'm hungover too! Had more than a bottle of wine last night. Didnt really eat anything but OMG did i feel ill this morning. I've managed a pint of water and a weak coffee. I have got to get a load more fluids in.
Hey, was the curry good?? I bet it tasted yum. Anyway that was yesterday and today is a new day. Put it behind you, drink plenty of water and you will be fine.

well to be honest 'imlosingit' I felt so bad eating it, I didn't really enjoy it, I have been good so far today and still in ketosis, so I should be ok.

Doubt my weight loss this week will be much to shout about.
If you are still in ketosis, I don't think it will make a huge difference to your weight loss. 3500 cal to make 1 lb, I bet the curry had only around 1000 - 1500 calories. If you do get a small loss, possibly be a little water retention etc. That one curry, won't make a great deal of difference, as long as it doesn't turn into two;) x

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