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oh no its weekend!!

Forgot to say, to make this weekend worse, we have friends coming over for Dinner tomorrow night!!!! and I'll be sat there with my bowl of LT soup!! great!! Oh I can not wait for 8 weeks so I can re feed!!!!!!!!


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If you think that's bad i have to go to a really swanky restaurant tomorrow nite wit my family for a 3 course meal and have water only. dreading it!


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Yes I find weekends harder - especially when with friends. So many social things seem centred around food don't they? Still we have our losses to look forward to, and in 8 weeks you'll be glad you stuck to it. Good luck FloridaGirl


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But girls - its a few weeks :) I'd rather lose a few weeks of my social life than stay unhealthy and overweight - just look at it like that :)

And besides, X-factor live shows tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi, yes, I do find the weekends hard, but having survived the first one since being on LT i feel much more optimistic about the weekend to come! We always used to have yummy stuff like fajitas or pizza on a Saturday nite, plus a delicious roast on a Sunday, so being on LT is hard. But I just think of all the benefits to be gained by finally being in control of my eating, plus as another Lipotrimmer posted to me recently, once you`ve had your first weigh in it spurs you on for the following week. Just remember you`re not by yourself and it will get easier, day by day. Have a great weekend! x :)
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yeah i find the weekends tough, altho i must admit it seems a little better now i'm in the swing of things. I've been preparing food and baking today for my little girls birthday party which we had earlier...and not a crumb passed my lips i am so chuffed with myself!! We have another party tomorrow with the family but i feel stronger having got thru today. Sometimes it really gets me down but not as much as being over weight and unhealthy does...so i kind of guess it's only short term then i can get on and enjoy the rest of my life! Have a nice weekend xx
you are all right!! I get so fed up and angry with myself when Iam over weight so I might as well feel fed up for a few weeks/months and then be slim!!!! Roll on December, I cant wait xx


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I find weekends hard, especially on cold and wet weekends. I hate the fact that you get more hungry and lazy during winter.

Best thing to do is to go out. Or, clean your house from top to bottom lol.
I remeber last time I did LT I went out and bought a load of chocolate that was on offer because I felt fed up, thinking I would eat it when I finished. Thats probably why Iam back on LT this time so just because I amhungry today I will NOT go and buy a load of rubbish, however I am on 8 Christmas meal do's in December!!!!!


One last chance
S: 13st10lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 24.9 Loss: 2st0lb(14.58%)
OMG! I remember when i did that too!! I bought 2 flap jacks and a galaxy bar to save it when I come off, I was only 2 weeks in refeed and I just couldn't help myself. Baaaaaaad idea! LOL
I hate weekends too. I used to graze all through the day. And as yas said, it was always worse when it was wet and cold.
But this diet works, and right now id rather be back to a skinnie minnie then rather eating chocolate!

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