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Oh no! I've done nothing but eat today!

I couldn't go swimming today as planned because I've pulled something in my neck and it was too sore and I didn't want to make it worse..so..I 've done nothing but eat all day long!

I've had:

mullerlight, strawberries and blueberries for breakfast

lots of salad and a tin of baked beans for lunch

A sandwich with 2 slices wholemeal bread (HEB) and 2 extra light LC triangles (part of 2nd HEB - IT'S A GREEN DAY) and marmite.

A whole bowl of sugar free jelly and half a banana (1 1/2 syns for the jelly)

I packet batchelors savory rice and tin tomatoes for tea with 2 apples.

A mullerlight with strawberries and blueberries.

4 LC extra light triangles (2nd part of HEB 2)

4 X Options HC (2 syns each)

And..I can honestly say that if someone put a kebab down in front of me right now I'd scoff the lot.

Whats wrong with me?!! :D
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today I had : banana (SF), blueberries (SF) and yoghurt (F), 2 alpen lights (B), 6 rashers of bacon (F) 4 scrambled eggs (F) and 6 mushrooms (SF) , steak (F) salad (S/F) and potato wedges (F), raspberries (S/F) blueberries (S/F) and yoghurt (F), an apple (S/F) and milk in tea (A).

I had 1 choc 'n' oat bar for syns but no idea how many syns it is....figuring it's not more than 15 though ;)

There do you feel better now as I know for a fact I have ate more than you but I know I was 100% on plan with 1/3 superfree so I am a happy girl that on a hungry day I can eat like that and not worry :)
Is that the fox's one? They're 5 syns!!!!!
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Doesn't look like a lot to me either. Sounds like a lot, but if you really look at it I think I'd be hungry on that.
Theresa, can I ask which bacon you use? I've been avoiding it because I can't find any that I can remove all the fat from - I can remove most of it but not all - and don't want to waste my syns on it.

Not feeling so hungry today, must have just been my bad mood yesterday! :D
I am sure this will make you feel better.... Yesterday I had a bit of a 'blip' and ate nutella sandwiches (lost count how many after the 3rd one,) several packs of mini smarties, a curly wurly, a very high fat yogurt with museli bits in it and lots more which I have decided to blot out of my memory!!! Not sure why, but I lost it big time yesterday. Anyway, my point is, all your food looks as though it's mostly free food or within plan, so I would not worry. I was feeling v. guilty last night, but started a fresh today and told myself it was just a 'blip' and today is a new day!! I must admit was nearly tempted to eat a biscuit when giving one to the children, but remembered what happened yesterday and it put me off. I think you have done remarkably well to eat foods on the plan.! So really you should be saying, Well Done!!!
I tend to go for reasonably good quality bacon but rifle through till I find a nice lean one. If the bit at the end is a bit fatty I just cut it all off and use the medallion bit.
You can have your LC triangles as a HExA and have two B's for bread, cereal, crispbread etc...
i just get bacon and trim the fat off i dont like fat anyway knocks me ill lol dont worry i have ate enough to feed the five thousand today and could probably eat more i tend to find this happens around * week
Now question if anyone could answer, well I think you just did, but to clarify. If I had a HEB of cereal, could I still have one of bread also on a red and green day. I have always just had one or tother! That is of course so long as you dont have anymore. The thought of being able to have both would make my life a lot easier. Just love my cereal in the morning, but sometime I like a sandwich for dinner. Thanks for any replies.
I don't know about a red day but I do know on a green day you can - you can have one or two HEXA and two HEXB - so you could have weetabix and milk in the morning (part HEXA and 1 HEXB) and a sandwich later (2nd HEXB).

Oh, and I found bacon medallions (big ones) in Lidl, very reasonably priced.
Thanks spotty teapot. On reading my book again, it does say that doh! Of course if I have a healthy extra b of meat then obviouslyI cant have both then. Cant believe I havent seen that before. I think its because on the old plan of red/green years ago you couldnt have both. Think Im rambling now sorry and thanks:thankyou::thankyou:


Just doing it this time
I had two weeks of eating rubbishy stuff - felt really down and rubbishy for eating rubbish too.

thought - OMG here I go again, put all the weight back on - really bemoaning myself etc etc.

HOWEVER I faced the music and went back to class (after missing a week - but it was because I had to work too ) - and only gained a pound - been back on track since and feeling pretty good.

Have weighed myself and have lost that pound so really chuffed. HOPE to get a good loss on Tuesday this time.

What I'm trying to say is whatever the blip - get back on track and YOU CAN DO IT.