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Oh No :o( Friday Night Shame


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I'm so kicking myself today. After a long day in work yesterday the OH suggested fajitas for tea as we had some chicken to cook, bought one of those fajita kits, ate it, counted up the points after and they came to 19 points! :sigh:

On top of vodka, drunken mikado biscuit eating and a bagel for my breakfast, yesterday came to 42.5 points!!! I can have 19 a day :(

So today I went on an hours power walk to hopefully make some part of it up, I don't know how the exercise points works, anyone any suggestions what 1 hour at 4 miles an hour might be?

So gutted, I did so well last week, and one meal has completely fluffed everything up. Trying to ignore it and carry on and only have 16 points each day this week.
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Yes, I'd have 16 points a day til weigh in - damage limitation. Other than that, drink plenty of water, draw the line, and start afresh. it happens to all of us every now and again! You might be surprised - a few weeks ago I had a massive bowl of pasta, a whole jar of fatty sauce and lashings of cheddar sprinkled on it. It was over 30 points in that meal but somehow I still managed to lose 2lbs at WI. Good luck chick! xx


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to work out your activity points need to know your weight in stones and whether you perceive it to be light, moderate or high intensity.
Dont be so hard on yourself! you had a great time & IF you gain you will know why! as said try to cut down a pt or 2 before your next weigh-in x


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Agree with chipbutty!

I had 31 points on Friday and im on 22 per day. Saturday i did the garden and got 2.5 points, today i've been swimming with madam and got another 1.5 points. I will be watching my points the rest of this week but if i have 22 per day im not fussed. Its 1 time :)


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then 2 activity points for 1 hr of walking.
Hmmm i don't know whether i'm working mine out properly, i do wii fit jogging and when i do 10mins jogging it works out to be 0.5 .. i then stop for a 5 min rest and do 10 again.. earning another 0.5 .. and mines mod and weigh heavier is this right?? :confused: seems low to me, but been using the paper bonus tracker you get on opposite side of food tracker for points etc


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thats according to the paper tracker you get less points the lower you weigh.
yeah i know but it just seems very weird, for an hours walking for me i earn 3 points... but yet someone who weighs over 2 stone lighter than me earns just a single point less... i find it just a bit confusing to work out how they can justify that tbh. lol just seems weird how there is huge gaps in weight but yet when it comes to points there is a little gap


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its all subjective and probably the reason why when I used to go to class the leader would say never eat more than half your activity points. Jogging to one person could be light exercise especially if they are a marathon runner but to me jogging is high because I think I'm going to die LOL but then for points I should probably only be counting it as medium... its an inexact science and only through trial and error can you work out just how many of the activity points you can eat without affecting your weight loss.

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