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Oh no! What have I done?

it's a "couch to 5k" running app..
it gets you off the couch and over the course of so many days over so many weeks, gets you up to running 5 kilometers
usually does it by telling you when to run and when to walk and gradually increases the time running from 60 seconds etc..
i did it last year,,managed to run my 20 mins and then gave up,,i hated every min of training and running:)
i started yesterday and loved it..decided to jog back to the car and i felt my ankle go 'ping', typical.Think it is a sprain, have had it strapped up and rested for 2 days now, but still very tender. I think that it will be a couple of weeks before i get back to it, but it felt great to be 'jogging' and i went to a lovley country park close to home. i actually cant wait to get oing again. good luck
Mine was free from the NHS website, but haven't started yet. I am quite wary to be honest as I know I have dodgy knees and ankles from doing loads of road running years ago, and of course I'm older now with the added weight plus the wear and tear that age brings in itself :sigh:
Also am a bit 'scared' of going out in the daylight when people can see me. Still have hang ups from being called Fairy elephant when growing up :( Wish I had a treadmill indoors haha ;)
I've download a c25k app.
I have to use it now as I don't like wasting money. :)

Which one did you get? There were about 30 when I looked on the app store.
What have you done? - I'd say won the lottery paying circa £25k for an app;)

Hope it is money well spent though.

Edit: I assume it was the £1.79 one
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I Will & I Can!!
i think im gonna download this app, bt dont think its 25 quid lol wen i last looked it was 1quid something lol



I Will & I Can!!
ive just downloaded the coch to 5k app its free altho i aint keen its gonna take up alot of space oh god what have i done lol x


I Will & I Can!!
oh i downloaded it but never have time to do it. altho i did get the biggest loser on wii and am loving that at the mo x
same here, haven't used it yet..
too late when I get back and had tea, and I'm sure as heck not getting up at 5am to go for a jog so I have time to shower when I get back before work..

I might give day 1 a go tomorrow morning ( when the canal tow paths will be relatively deserted.. ) and see how it feels..
If it's not rediculous then I'll stick with it and make time for it..

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