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oh no....

I am pretty sure that one plate of veg will not do much damage to your weight loss.

I think it depends what veg it is as to whether its knocked you out of ketosis but even if it has get back on track and you will pop back in.

Don't beat yourself up about it least you ate veg it could have been much much worse.
Hi Bunny as long as you get back on tomorrow,you should be fine,I did the same thing a while back ,have only done it once and felt so bad about it that it actually taught me a lesson!LOL At least it wasnt choccie or cakes!

Thanks guys.

It was the choice of eating veg or a bar which would bring up my daily intake to 3 bars and a shake.

Since getting the bars they have really made me crave things. I don't think I will buy them again.

I had a saucer size containing leeks, mushrooms, broccoli and courgettes so I am hoping that this will not knock me out.
Bunny I started to get cravings when I started to have bars, am not having them now, I totally agree that with some people they can set off cravings. I also found that the bars didnt fill me up like a shake, so as you say stick with the shakes again for a week and see how you feel,

Bunny just realised that you said that you've had two bars already today. I remember reading that some people are more sensitive with bars and if you've had two today that could have took you out of ketosis which would explain the feeling that you wanted to eat.



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heya bunny,

you are only meant to have 1 bar a day as they contain more carbs than packs. have u checked if u r in ketosis cos if u have been doing this a lot, u may have kicked urself out :eek:

I have had 3 bars over the last 3 days and i am craving food something cronic :cry: am in ketosis and am drinking 4 litres a day but just wanna eat. dunno if its the bars or just cos its the weekend but I am struggling so much. dunno how u r managing if u r out of ketosis. hope u will feel better tomorrow.


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