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Oh No!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by scouzer, 21 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. scouzer

    scouzer Want to do it this time!!

    After a bad lecture I was dragged to Nando's where I dutifully consumed half a chicken and red pepper dip with pitta!!!
    I've been doing so well in the past two weeks that I thought I was beyond temptation.... apparently not.

    I'm now wondering how to enforce damage control. I resisted any chips but cleared up the pitta! Oh well. I really did need it.

    There's always tomorrow. :eek:

    Scouzer. X
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  3. DisneyMumma

    DisneyMumma Full Member

    Never mind, have a flexi syn day and pick yourself back up again tomorrow.

  4. Shaz J

    Shaz J Full Member

    dont beat yourself up about it - as you say theres always tomorrow! We have to live dont we and so what if it takes an extra week to get to target. Bet you could have had lots worse?
  5. Mrs V

    Mrs V Loves Life!

    As the others have said Hun...just get back on track tomorrow and limit the damage! There's no point beating yourself up over it now...its already been done.
  6. leniloo

    leniloo Full Member

    nando's i.e. no skin on chicken is ok on a red day! the dip and the pitta are your syns
  7. scouzer

    scouzer Want to do it this time!!

    Well when you put it that way Leniloo!!! Thanks.
    Scouzer. X

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