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oh no :(


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im finding this afternoon hard, i feel really wimpish saying this after only being on the diet since last thursday and many of you have coped for ages (well done)! its just ive been cooking the tea, and it smells so good!! i havent ate any yet... but the thought is now playing in my mind ! not really had a huge temptation.....upon untill just now! :(
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Don't do it! We all feel like that, I'm dreaming about food! You have done so well so far and done the hardest bit, its your weigh in on thurs, wait until you see what great results you have achieved.

Go and have a sweet black tea or coffee-it helps me when I feel a bit weak!

Good luck.
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Focus on why you are doing this... what got you needing this type of diet in the first place.

Please don't do it.... keep strong and you will get through it and the positive feeling after you haven't given in is really awesome !!!

Good luck.. keep us informed. xx


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No dont break,you will regret it straight after.Im always craving food,its all i think about and at the min im thinking im going to be on this forever but it will fly by as soon as the pounds keep coming off,trust me.


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It is sooo hard i really feel for you, hope you have managed not to give in. I was on a course today and lunch was provided so not only could i not eat any of the lovely FREE food but i had to sit at the conference table and watch everyone else digging in. I am now starving but trying really hard to take my mind off it, i understand how you are feeling right now BUT try not to eat, you will regret it!!
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only 2 sleeps left hun until your weigh in !!! DONT give in to temptation we have all been there and its so hard ,having to cook for kids make things much worse , you can do it xxx good luck xx


I will be skinny again!!!
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it is totally not worth it!!!

The fact that you have logged on before hand shows that deep inside you do not want to do it!!

Hang in there!!


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You are going through what we all go through, honestly! It is a diet that is hard but it will only reward you if you stick with it 100%.

Tell me about cooking; I cook every night for my hubby and well tonight he had a treat and had pizza and chips!!!!! So, I came on here, I can still smell it and it is killing me! But, I have to keep in mind my goal and that the food will be there when I am finished.

Dont give in, not just for some food that will be gone in a matter of minutes and then the whole guilt will rise and the feelings of not being able to do the diet, unworthy, etc, etc...it really isnt worth it one bit!!!

Just focus and take it one day at a time. Like Chelly says, the fact you came on here says a lot! You are obviously struggling but want to keep going and keep going you have to do!!! Dont regret - just think how good you will feel tomorrow when you waken up knowing yo didnt succumb!

Thinking of you....


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well.....i didnt eat anything :) , i looked at my goal clothes for inspiration and just pictured myself being able to fit in them again, and it worked for me, it kept me going , something so simple like that kept me focused and made me realise how much i do really want to lose weight, after that it wasnt really hard to decide if i wanted food or my shake... and i stayed strong and had my shake! and now i am so glad i did! :-D thankyou all for the messages xx
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I'm so pleased that you stayed strong - well done honey, really well done. We all know how hard it is to walk away - but you did it.

Those inspirational clothes will be too big for you in the future!:D

irish molly

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Well done on not giving in this evening. It is not wimpish to feel like that. We all face temptation from time to time and it can be soooo hard to resist. This site is fab for keeping you focussed. When you feel tempted, go grab some water and get away for a few minutes from the source of temptation. Your idea of looking at your goal outfit was a great idea. Why not stick a couple of motivating photos around the kitchen to help keep you as well. I have done this and it really helps.