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Oh No!


Im on my first week of Slimming World- off to get weighed tomorrow!
I have been EXCELLENT I couldnt have been any better! I cooked ate tonnes of f&veg exercised etc BUT ive just counted my sins and im over by 15... :(

Im so disappointed!

I looked at it as though i had 105 a week (and didnt count daily like i should have done)

Hopefully I will have still lost some weight!:(
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Lol Ruth

Don't beat yourself up about it all. It is nothing. If you have followed everything else, you will have a great weigh-in and be on here to shout it from the rooftops.

Whenever you have a slip just get back on the plan the very next day. Oh and plan your syns daily - i.e. 15 per day as opposed to 105 per week not sure if there's such a thing as "Binge-synning" but avoid it lol.

Didn't think my maths was THAT bad!

As for being just 15 over (especially given the circumstances) I really wouldn't worry. Just go to WI and start a new week.

Good luck!

P.S. Hope your Dad is well now.


Determined Slimmer
Well done you!! Just goes to show that a little slip in stressful circumstances is not the end of success. There is an article on SW website about flexible syns that explains how you can slip and still lose!
Thanks very much- you seem to have done amazing too! 8lb in one week thats wonderful!
Under the circumstances it couldn't have been helped as there are no good food shops near the hospital and it was late at night!
Its not going to make me think "haha i can cheat a bit and still lose" because there is no point to that whatsoever! If i start with that frame of mind I may as well just leave now (I can't because ive just paid for a 12 week countdown course ;) )
You seem to be really enjoying yourself too! Your posts are really motivational and supportive. Do you have any goals set?

I'm confused on two points:

1. 105 syns is fine you ARE allowed 105 per week - 15 x 7 = 105. (of course the recommendation is 5-15 per day, so you should look at 15 per day/105 per week as the max, but its still within the rules). Or are you saying that you are over by a day meaning you've had 120 this week?

2. New starters arent supposed to get SOTW in their first week - the criteria should be that you have lost or at least maintained the prior week - new starters are deemed to have an advantage as they would have supposedly been eating unhealthily before so they are excluded.

But even so - well done! And hope your Dads okay
Yeah I had 120! :(
And I thought that actually! Normally first weighers get a better loss but Im not complaining!
You seem to have done really well with both your weight and fitness goals! Im currently in my 2nd week of the Bronze challenge and loving it!
Do you have any good tips?

I must admit, the weight and fitness goals have dropped off over the last few weeks (but I have just got married and been on honeymoon) - so I need to pick it up - gold award is not really true at the moment!

At the height of my exercise regime I was doing something 6 times a week - 3 days at the gym, with the other 3 days doing the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred DVD (she's the trainer on America's Biggest Loser - DVD is £5.99 on Amazon, or at least it was when I got it). That was when I was on a real push for my wedding though - but towards the end, I got a bit bored of the DVD and just did the gym.

I also walk a lot which counts towards your body magic award - I have issues with the local bus company, so if I need to go into town etc, unless its raining hard, I'll walk rather than driving/getting the bus - saves cash too.

The gym I go to is a ladies only gym - its all low impact stuff on hydralic machines, with jogging in between stations - 30 - 40 seconds on each thing for a 30 minute session - trying to stick at doing that 3 times a week. The fact I have a standing order paying for the gym membership does help encourage you to use it I think to get your money's worth.

I'm also thinking of trying running - using the C25K method (google it - basically a programme to build up your running abilities) - but havent got around to that yet - and the dark nights arent helping my motivation!

As for the weight loss - I've just been taking things week by week - started in February, and have just steadily lost following the plan with the occasional treats - have found it way easier than I expected. I really think staying to group helps as well. Have just had a little blip putting on 4lbs - but I was on my honeymoon in the States for 3 weeks, so I think thats a pretty good result!

The main tip I would say is look at things on a long term basis and dont expect instant results. You'll find you dont really notice the change, then all of a sudden you realise a pair of jeans is getting looser and it all starts to dawn on you that its actually working

Anyway, thanks for the comments, really appreciate it!
Hi there,
Thanks yes I just read that. Im going to use it next week as Im going out for a mexican for my Anniversary and Fajitas is the best thing I can find on the menu (i can choose what or how much cheese/sour cream etc I eat)- a portion is 25 syns according to the back of the Food Optimising book nut I will just have to be flexible! Im always very good- although I do treat myself to 1 small thing after a weigh in :)
Well done to you too by the way your weight loss is amazing! I bet you're really pleased!
I've now got 2 fruit bowls due to my SOTW- cramming my work surface up haha, am going to make a lovely fruit salad when I get home from work later!


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