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Oh no.....


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Morning everyone
Went to WI last night and I put on half a pound:mad: felt really mad at first as I have been following the plan, everyone was very supportive and after a chat with my consultant at the end of class I felt much more positive - I did ask for the FF unit allowance but she would like me to look at portion sizes of carbs etc one third of your plate being carbs and the other two veges, salad and if I don't have any success with this then I will do FF next week.
Today is day 1 for me and I am hoping to be a great big loser in May.:)
Keep up the good work everyone and if you are having a bad time we are all here to have a 'sound off'
Thanks for listening.
Irene :)
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Don't be too disheartened, small gains can happen for any number of reasons, but I know how frustrating it is when it happens and you've been good. Just keep focused though!

I find it strange that your consultant has told you to limit you portions of carbs as the whole point on slimming world is that you can eat whatever you want of the free foods so that you're not hungry, so limiting your portions defeats that point!!

Whilst the success express plan focuses on filling 2/3 of your plate with superfree food and 1/3 with food free on green or red to restrict your overall calorie intake, I would never have said, or expected any consultant to say, that the reason for a gain might be because you're eating too large portions of free food.
Poor you Irene. I know how frustrating it is, especially when you've stuck to the plan. In the grand scheme of things half a pound is so negligible, it barely registers on the scales. I bet if you carry on as you have been you'll have a big loss next week. I've been mixing it up with Mix2Max and Success Express lately and have added a bit of exercise and the results are fantastic. Maybe it's just time for a bit of a change. FF doesn't sound like much fun to me!

Kelly x
I find it strange that your consultant has told you to limit you portions of carbs as the whole point on slimming world is that you can eat whatever you want of the free foods
I have had this same comment from my personal trainer. Everyone's metabolism is different and some people handle carbs well and some do not. I find that if I have too many carbs I won't lose at all and sometimes gain even though I am following the plan to the letter and not overeating at all and having plenty of fibre, and fruit and veg. So your counsellor may be on to something although she is taking a stab in the dark. If you are in a regular habit of having green days, try to get a good amount of red days in there as well to see if you lose. Also try to really vary your food as sometimes we get stuck in a rut and that can slow losses as well. Good luck honey!



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Morning everyone
Thanks for your replies, think regarding the one third carbs part my consultant may have hit the nail on the head as I love my carbs and maybe eating too many at the expense of the veges and salads even though they are free to me as I am a vege and all my days are green.

BF was Allbran and rapberries - changed to skimmed milk - was not too bad on my cereal.
MM Plum (changed from a banana)
Lunch JP with loads of baked beans and cheese (He A), apple
EM Quorn peppered steak with mushrooms, corn and mixed salad

Also trying to drink more water!!!!!

Watch this space!!!!



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We all have small unexplained gains at some time or another, as long as it's just the one week I wouldn't fret too much. Unfortunately, being female, we tend to have lots of hormone activity which can play havoc with our weight. Good luck for next week x


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Hi there
Had a good day really put my mind into it.
Changed EM to Vege Spag Bol as the boys love that and I cut down on my spaghetti and ate more sauce than normal. Normally do W/M pasta but not when its spaghetti - I know I am a strange one!!!!
You really helped me today so thanks.:cool:

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
Irene, you really sound like you took on board what your consultant advised, and grabbed it with both hands, Way to go girlfriend, all the best for the rest of your food optomising week, and not sure if you know this yet but free on Green, weight for it lol, "branston chick peas" bon appetit


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I love chick peas!!!!! Chick Pea Curry is a fave.
Just looking at the SW site and saw a lovely recipe for Moroccan Butter Beans so will make that on Friday as my sister is coming over and she is a vege also.
Have just mad a SW quiche so will take some for lunch at work tomorrow with salad.

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
I love the SW Quiches cold.... Not sure I am going to be pouring a tin of branston chick peas on a jP any day soon though, I have seen the pic of that recipe and it looks really nice

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