Oh No :(


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Oh no. Poor you. You could always put some extra packs at work for emergencies like this.


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I did that the other day..couldn't work out what i had done until i read the instructions on the back of a porridge and it said about mixing a paste for the tomato soup. I feel for you! xx


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Yeah i am going to buy some extra packs for work just in case!

i dont feel too hungry at the moment so i think i can push through



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oh no, stay strong hun, I have brought tetra packs for when out and about!!

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Oh dear! that is why I love the bars....no mixing and faffing!

keep up with the water etc and you will be fine until you get home.


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you could always keep a tub of marigold bouillon at work for emergencies, your allowed 2 tsp a day and its gorgeous,( just mix 1tsp with hot water in a mug) i have it when my partner has his evening meal and it really feels like im getting a treat!