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How long have you been having it ?

the powdered sweetner has sugar in it thats why they say not to use it i guess it depends how much you have and for how often ?

but looking at your ticket i don't think it has really effected you


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I only probably have 2 tsp a day (for the last 9 days).
Bugger. I'll have to go and buy some tablets now!
Don't worry!!!
Nothing you can do about it...

As wannabe says it can contain sugar... so just change over to tablets and carry on as you are doing fantastic!



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Thanks wannabe and Tilly x


its more to do with the bulking agent in powdered sweetner - can make it a bit carby for such a small measure, and it adds up over the teaspoons.

Don't stress about it, you can't time travel and undo it.

I admit to having powdered sweetner if I'm out with a black coffee and the cafe or wherever doesn't have any tablets. Its a very rare occassion though.

P.S Buy 2 packs of tablet sweetner, and keep one in your bag, its handy if you are out etc,


is going to do this!
Don't worry, I only realised two days ago I've been using semi-skimmed milk, rather than skimmed.

I still got a good first loss, and as long as you correct it, it won't hinder you a great deal :)


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thanks everyone
(will do Lexie - Thanks! I was gutted at the swimming baths when I took DD as they changed the coffee machine and it didn't do sweetener!)


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