oh nooooo!

Blue Butterfly

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My scales are broken :cry:

It's not weigh in week til next tuesday but my brothers wanted to weigh themselves last night so got the scales out and they just keep saying 'error'
Went to look for a battery for them today and cant find one anywhere in town.
So I am officially scales-less!!

Also cant afford any new ones right now.
Not being able to weigh in is going to drive me mad!

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Way too early to panic. Have you tried ebay for batteries?


Goodbye Tum
it will be a massive loss when you finally find them, that's the shiny bright side to look on xx

Aunt Bam

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I got some batteries for my scales 2 weeks ago off Amazon for 55p plus free p+p. Delivered to me in 2 days.

Blue Butterfly

Gold Member
I got a battery for my scales and.....the damn things still dont work :(
They are dead!!
Still flashed error and then the display went all faint.

Guess it's time for new scales!