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We have had our friends round this evening and they got a chinese takeaway and i caved and had a little egg fried rice :((((((( it wont throw me off course but im worris im gonna put loadsa weight on coz of it!!!! I feel sooooooooooo guilty!!! My 1st cave in nearly 2 weeks!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Draw a line and forget about it.
Not point dwelling on it, just keep going!


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I have and just been gym as feel so guilty lol! But would i of put lbs back on after it???

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Hi Rebecca glad I found you. I tried sending you a PM but I couldn't. This is a total thread hi jack I'm afraid I'll post the PM below for you.

Biggest Loser Challenge

Hi, are you still interested in this challenge? If so please could you pop back over to the thread, it's changed a bit since you said you were interested.

If you want to be involved will you post your start weigh today and then on Tuesday by 8pm each week I'll need you to PM me your weigh in weight. Please check which team you're in too.

If I don't hear from you by Monday morning I'll have to assume you don't want to take part anymore and you spot will go to one if the people on the waiting list. Hope to see you on the team though.

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it's unlikely to make you gain real weight, but it may have interfered with your ketosis (rice was about the worst thing to choose, meat would be better) and the salt may make you retain some water.

if you're feeling weak, have another cd pack.