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Oh ouch!! (and update on the carbfree pasta!)

Ok, so on monday i ordered various things from the lowcarb megastore - mainly for people on atkins who need to stay in ketosis (like us) but want something different. I ordered that carb-free and calorie-free noodle stuff, anyway, it comes in bags already in water so im guessing i just have to heat it in the bad or strain it then heat it up in chicken stock or something. The writing on it is in japanese and unfortunately am not too good at deciphering that particular language (haha!) so cant tell u guys the particulars on nutritional info. Also ordered some v low carb pasta - now, this is confusing me a bit cos on the box it says there is only 5g of digestible carbs per serving. However, on the nutritional info, it says there are 42g of carbs per serving?! Underneath, it says "Carb Facts - Total carbs 42, Protected carbs 37, so net carbs = 5". What are protected carbs? Do they just somehow pass straight through yr bod??
Anyway, as well as the noodles and pasta, i ordered this carb free (just got protein in) breakfast thickener that apparently u just add hot water to and it comes out like a hot breakfast cereal. Hmm, there was me expecting prridge! Well, it was the foulest smelling, nastiest tasting gloop ever! Yuck yuck yuck!
Also ordered some sugar free sweets that apparently dont take u out of ketosis (?). Well, must have had half a packet of the teddies, and half of the gummies. Since then i have been in absolute agony -my stomach is the size a balloon (letting out as much wind, then filling itself back up again). Its sooo sore! So, wishing id never eaten them cos whatever is in them has NOT agreed with me!
So far, my 20quid order has been a waste of money so until i try these noodles, dont go rushing off to buy them cos they might be just as nasty!!

PS I am doing AAM so was just trying to find something different i could have! Ive given up and restartin SS!

Katie x
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Hi Katie

Where did you order pasta/noodles from? I think I looked at something similar that was highlighted by one of the guys on here but they didnt post to UK?

Im struggling to poo and so considering pure Phusks after the regucol disaster!

Katie, This was posted on the site you ordered from about the noodles.
Thin, long, translucent noodles made from very fine strands of a gelatinous substance called glucomannan, which is taken from the "devil's tongue plant" (Japanese yam), also known as Konjac or konnyaku. Their texture is slightly rubbery and they don't have a flavor of their own, but they pick up the flavor of the broth or other ingredients in the dish in which they are simmered. These are packaged in water and should be drained and rinsed thoroughly before use. Zero carbs!​
Katie I think you have to rinse the noodles before using them

taken from the site "These are packaged in water and should be drained and rinsed thoroughly before use. Zero carbs! "

I sympathise about the sugarfree sweets they have that affect on me too :(

Not all carbs are counted so net carbs doesn't mean actual carbs because its only the sugars that are counted and the rest will be fibre or polyols etc (there is a formula to work it out but I can't remember it off the top of my head I will have to dig it out from my mountain of paperwork lol )

Good luck with the noodles xx
It's because the main focus of cd is low calorie, just because something is sugar free wont mean calorie free (not fair but true) and being in ketosis is just a happy by product of the cd diet and helps you to stick to a vlcd because you dont feel hungry wen in ketosis.
The reason we lose weight on cd isn't necesarrilly because we are in ketosis but because of the low cals consumed.
Hi Katie!

I had ordered the Regucol after recommendation by a member only to hear it has carb content which could take you out of K! So looking forward to my choccie porridge!!

Although still just about hanging in there with SS I too have just started looking into management, 790 etc...I'm assuming that being in K is the key to the weight loss and so too am wondering why certain diets allow certain things and others dont but being in Ketosis is a common factor! I guess it's each diet's unique selling point. I mean the atkins is all about K but look at what you can scoff!

Oh the confusion!!!:confused:

Hey get noodle rinsing lass!
Hi Katie

Your tummy troubles are down to the sorbitol sweeteners in the sugar free sweets. They have the same effect on me, including chronic pain, wind and diaorhea (sp). They should be out of your system overnight, but you should only eat one or two, no more!

Hope this helps.
Yeh, i know i shouldnt have had as many a i did, but when yr sittin at the comp, u dont realise how many yr scoffin!! Poor excuse i know, but i wasnt aware what damage they would do!
Hey nic, regucol had like less than 1g of carb per serving so i really wouldnt worry about it!

Katie x
Hi Katie

Yeah I know what you mean! I ate two whole boxes of them without realising, when it happened to me. They were just soooooo more-ish. Sugar free strawberry chews. I know better now though! LOL
Hi Katie....will have to double check this regucol thing...confusion-a-rama!

Have you used it?

OK here's the nutritional info...anyone tell me what you reckon, Im crap at the science bit!!!!

PER heaped teaspoon (5g)

1g protein
1g carb (which sugars trace...?whatever that means)
1g fat (which saturates trace....whatever that means)
4.4g Fibre

I think the difference between CD ketosis and Atkins ketosis is that we have a certain amount of carbs in our packs, so our ketosis is much milder and we are more at risk of dropping out of it if we take on any more carbs. When people are on Atkins they have a strict carb allowance so if they have any stuff with carbs they have to add them up and make sure they don't go over their limit. Most of their permitted foods are proteins and fats which have no carbs.

Nic, it seems to me that the regucol nutrition says that each teaspoon has 1g of carbs but only a minute amount is sugar, the rest is carbohydrate, and 1g of fat which is largely unsaturated/polyunsaturated.

Katie, poor you suffering from those sweets, I shall make sure I never touch any!
Nic, i use regucol every day, makes such a difference to yr toilet probs! As for taking you out of ketosis, well, i doubt it will, and anyway, we are only mildly in it on CD so i doubt whether an extra couple of grams of carbs per day will make such a difference, esp when if u have a bar instead of shake u could be having an extra 10g of carbs per day! I would rather focus on sortin out my toilet habits if i were u than worry about an extra 2g of carbs! Get it down u girl!

Katie x
May be able to have that chocci prridge after all. So as far as the bars go, do you reckon weight loss would be quicker without them? I have me 7 bars a week but sometimes have 2 in a day! Ooops.....

any advice?

Well, nic, the bars arent so bad, but u r best off if u stick to the peanut and cranberry crunch ones, or if u have 2 in a day, make one of them a crunch one. This is because they have the same number of carbs in as the shakes:) , but all the other bars have a greater, like 10g more, number of carbs in:( . I wouldnt prob have 2 of the other ones in a day due to the higher carb value -they tend to make me want to eat more! Maybe ul b fine staying as u r, but this is just what i found.

Katie x
Why r we on CD not allowed sugar free stuff, but on atkins you are, when it keeps you in ketosis (apparently)??
A lot of sugar free stuff has Citric Acid in it and this will kick you out of Ketosis. I checked the sites and a lot fo the sweets that are zero sugar zero carbs have citric acid quite high up on the list of ingredients.

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