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OH started Lipotrim

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well my fella has now started LT, he's only got about 2.5st to lose so should do that fairly quickly. But i'm so annoyed, i have sat through evenings of him eating chinese, indian, roast dinners, BBQ's & stella in the sun. He has got it so easy compared to what i had to put up with, dont get me wrong i love him to bits and dont want him to suffer (much!) & i support him fully. But all i keep hearing is "oh it's not that hard, what was all the fuss about?!" I just wanna sit there in front of him with a big juicy steak & chips & say "oh sorry luv this isn't bothering you is it?" just like he did!:sign0151:
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well hunni lets hope you get to ya goal while he is still doing lt then you can do it to him hehe. good luck to ya hubbie though xxx

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Men are strange creatures from a far off planet that are sent here to test our patience...

With that in mind, good luck to him and get some friends over to have chinese/steak/chish and fipps in front of him and watch him drool!! ;)


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wait till he gets to that stage between glycogen running out and ketosis starting... then he'll be begging you to tell him how you coped!
I just wanna sit there in front of him with a big juicy steak & chips & say "oh sorry luv this isn't bothering you is it?" just like he did!:sign0151:
Men Hey!!!
As msblonde said - Let's see if he still thinks its easy tomorrow lol!!! ;)


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No doubt he may develop a bit of male pride and wont admit how difficult it is,Good luck to him though,its a big step for anyone.Just park outside the chinese,indian or local chippy,the smell will drive him mad!


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Well iv just had a falling out with my OH because we've just been into town and he wanted to get burger king, which was fine (ish) and i jokingly said your really showing me how much you love me right now. He knew i was messing about, we walked into burger king (the smell!!!) and then he said "im not getting anything after youv said that" ahhhhhhhh so i said "just get what you want" and he walked out now he's gone off in a huff! He doesn't know how hard this is for me but he still eats his dinner every night next to me, asks me to make him angel delight for his pudding, he eats almond coissants in the car and he gets in a huff with me!!!!


Wanna be....sexy!
My OH is very good but still eats in front of me in the car as do the children.Its bloody hard!


I will do this!!!
It just annoys me that he thinks he's so hard done by because he couldn't have burger king...well he could have it i didnt have a problem but he got all stroppy.
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Men, who'd have them!

Good luck to your OH Pinkie, I'm sure he won't find it all plain sailing, even if he doesn't let on about it!!!!!

You've only got 22lb to lose so I'm sure you will be at target before him and can have your revenge!!!!

My oh has just sat next to me with the most delicious looking and smelling pizza. I just gave him a look :eek: and he went into the other room to watch the olympics. Doh :sigh:
Good luck to you pinkie and your OH, At least he will hopefully realise how bloody fantastic you are sticking to LT
My OH has said that if I am successful then he will go on LT! I soo hope he does, he will see what I am going through on top of being just 2 weeks into stopping smoking, on top of having a bad time at work and on top of having a seriously itchy rash!

He will see why I am tetchy!

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