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Oh well, it was going to happen.......(food mentioned)

Iv'e only gone and done it, today I ate a tin of tuna in springwater and lettuce. I am supposed to be SS but for 4 days now I have been hanckering after tuna wrapped in lettuce. I don't suppose it was the end of the world and it could have been worse but I tell you what I feel great for having eaten something and I really don't want anything else at all now I am stuffed.

So I think for me I will lose the reminder of my weight on SS+ I am starting to miss shakes because I am dreading them soooo much and am finding the last one of the day a real mission. Have I made the right choice do you think? I haven't spoke to my CDC about this although she does know i'm struggling with the shakes and soups. she encouraged me to stay SS but I don't think I have much steam left to go SS all the way to the end.

OMG looks like I typed aload of no sense waffle again. Appologies.

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Winning a losing battle!
Sounds like you're making a sensible decision to me, at least by doing SS+, you're more likely to stay on track. That tiny bit of food really does make the world of difference and makes you feel 'normal'.

I know what you mean about getting sick of the shakes, I'm at that point too but just keep saying to myself that I'll move up the plans next week, having small goals seems to keep me going!
Aww lizzie, you have done so well reading your losses on your siggy.

I don't really know why I caved in, I'm not sure that I will want to so SS+ really as I want to lose this weight the quickest way possible

Maybe i'll treat it as a blip? see how I am tomorrow? I just don't know.
I think you should be proud of yourself! you could of gone to town on a pizza or something but at least your making (and wanting!) good food choices. And if you really cant do it just on shakes and soups anymore, maybe it would be better if you go on SS+ because you might get so fed up of SS and start cheating etc (on bad food choices). But if you can keep putting off the idea of going on SS+ you might get over the craving for tuna and of course lose weight faster :) After 2 months, I went through three weeks of craving for tuna sandwiches, not sure why as before i started this diet, i never ate tuna and mayonnaise but the craving stopped. Now i can be around a tuna sandwich and don't feel the urge to stab the person eating it and steal it from them :D


Winning a losing battle!
Aww lizzie, you have done so well reading your losses on your siggy.

Thanks hun, it's been a loooong journey but so worth it! ;)

Just treat today as a SS+ day, not a blip and see how you feel tomorrow.

The losses aren't much different on SS+ anyway I believe and if it's what you need to keep you on track, stick with it!


Eat to live don't live to eat!
I felt exactly the same as you hun so I have been ss+ for a few days now, sometimes I still do ss but most days I have a bit of something, helps me feel normal and satisfies cravings! I felt myself going towards sweet things which has now gone since I started doing ss+! I think you get to a point where it gets too much so ss+ helps out. See how you feel tomorrow, maybe you could do ss+ a few days a week and ss on other days? Thats what I do!


Cambridge Consultant
Hey hon
Just wanted to say you have done so well.. and tuna and lettuce is not a terrible thing to have.
When I changed to ss+ I never looked back.. and still had similar losses as I did on the 13 weeks on ss!!!
So go for it .. you still lose hon!!!
Awww thanks everyone, I know I can always feel better when I come on here, you all have such nice things to say and have lots of support to give.

I think I will see how I am tomorrow but I do suspect the odd SS+ on the menu for the next few weeks.



can see the end in sight!
ss+ is the way forward for me. Only been ok it since Wednesday and I feel so much better. Ight stay on it for a few weeks, we'll see how the losses go.


WILL be Slim!
one thing really hun...WELL DONE!!!
Well done for making a really wise food decision, it could have been so easy to slip altogether and binge, but instead you had food that is still really good for you! Bravo!! :)
If your happy with SS+, its worth speaking to your CDC, but i cant see it being a problem, its still a VLCD so you will still lose weight fast as long as your 100%!
Well done again hun xxx
Well I weighed in this morning on my own scales like I do every morning and it shows a 1lb loss. so I am happy that everything is ok and going smoothly. Tonight I may have some chicken and cabbage, see how I feel.

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