oh well truely buggered up this time


Full Member
oh well i new i shouldent of gone out because thats were i fall of the wagon as they say ,i went out thursday for a freinds birthday drank wine all nite but when it came to the end of the nite i had chips and mayo in pitta bread awww why did i do it,anyway the following nite i went to a freinds we had wine againe and a pan of stew and a few nibbles so saturday and sunday i just eat and eat and eat i feel awful and really low ive let myself down i weighed myself this mornin and it says ive put 3lb on it took me over a wk to get that 3lb off and just under a couple of days to put it bk on im supposed to be goin out on friday for my birthday but im so adament i wont be goin cos this is wot happens i just loose all my will power :cry:
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