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Ohhh...I'm scared!!! All-you-can-eat asian meal looming....


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Well, after months of begging, my Hubby has got me to agree to go to this lovely asain restaurant tomorrow night with another couple. He was totally fed-up (but never let on, wee pet!) with our non-existant social life while I was on LT, so is delighted he gets to show his friends I'm not keeping him tied up at home (not that he'd mind that either probably!;):p).

Now, while I know I'm maintaining well, I also know that asian (it's a thai/chinese mix kind of place)food can be a minefield, so I guess my plan of action is to do as well as I can food-wise, drink gallons of water the next day to counter-act the sodium that I'm sure it's full of, and stay away from the scales for at least 2-3 days! LOL!

I know that 'normal' people can go out and have meals like this fairly regularly- so it's not the end of the world by any means, but it's my first meal out in over 6mths, so it's daunting. :wave_cry:
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Best of luck with your meal. It will be okay, as your eating in general is healthy and good so the weight will not stay on as ye say. But hope you have a brilliant time and lovely food.
Poor you....!!! LOL!!!! Don't panic. Keep to low-carb, salady stuff the day before and on the day, lots of water with the meal, eat as slowly as you can, chatter, flirt and gaze lovingly at your hubby....which should lead to a bit of 'ol horizonal jogging to burn off any excess!!!!


A little of everything!
Hee-hee!! Though if theres any alcohol involved that'll be unlikely!

I'm such a cheap date these days!!


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Irish

You will be fine! You have come too far to go and blow it now to be honest....like you say, most people are able to go and have a meal and not worry...that is where you will be one day; or we all will! Not worrying about one meal,,,it is the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc...if we carry on that is worrying.

Like the others said stick to low carb the day before and drink, drink, drink the old water and I agree, dont go near the scales for a few days or it might just worry you. It wouldnt be fat anyway, probably just water, but no point worrying yourself.

I hope you enjoy your night out..I think you both deserve it so much!!!! Just enjoy and look forward to hearing all about it.

Take care
Just choose wisely and I am sure you will be fine. I would opt for chicken dishes without sauces and boiled rice, but hey, its a romantic date with your OH......go enjoy yourself and just cut back a little for a day or two afterwards and I am sure you will be fine.

Have a fantastic night.


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have a lovely meal, you deserve it ;) as girls say make up for it before and after

hope you have a lovely time ;)


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Well...the good news- I survived! LOL!

The bad(-ish) news- I'm up 1lb this morning. Not half as bad as I'd feared- and considering I have the hangover from HELL, it's a minor blip! We went for the meal (had chicken & sweetcorn soup & beef in pepper sauce with stir-fried veg) and ended up in my Uncles bar, where more friends joined us and we didn't get home until after 2am!! I am NOT WELL. I really didn't miss this feeling...:wave_cry:
Still...it was a great nights craic!
That small 1lb will soon be gone, but at least you have a wonderful memory of a great night. The hangover will be gone as quick as the lb.

Glad you had a good night, lifes to short chick, we have to let our hair down sometimes.


A little of everything!
I put on another 3lbs over the weekend thanks to friends visiting (another 2 meals plus a night on the beer) but it's ALL gone again this morning!!! WHo-hoo!!!! I like it, I like it!!!


A little of everything!
It's mental! LOL! And I've slowly upped my carbs a little the last few days? I dont feel deprived food-wise at all. I'm eating when I'm hungry, and want to eat fresh, 'good' foods?!
At this rate I think I'll go back on the tfr in a few weeks to try to lose the last 1/2-1 stone (or whatever I manage before I run out of shakes! LOL!) and continue the maintenance battle (hopefully) a little closer to my original goal?


Life is not a Rehersal!
Well done Irish...seems your body is starting to behave itself these days! Brill :)
Glad you had a good weekend and it is a nice feeling when you dont feel "bad" about eating...a new concept - eh!

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