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ohhh noooo


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I had 4 chocolate fingers and was sooo upset,
then I woke up and was sooo happy lol.
It was a dream and I just remembered seeing it :D

Sooooo glad it was a dream. Told my husband and he just laughed.
He has been such great support, except for not offering to feed himself lol

The thing is I am so strong willed that I know I wont cheat or anything. If I ever stopped it will be because I had to due to medical or because I was pregnant. I stopped smoking 25th June 09 without any help or patches after 15 years of smoking. So I am dealing with two bad habbits.

Keeping busy here is so great I can't begin to explain.
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ha ha I had to smile when I read that, just as well it was just a dream but what a fantastic dream, im hoping il dream about chocolate tonight now and that may satisfy my chocolate cravings - lol

Good luck with the diet, How long have you been on it?


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Hi Blondie,

It is my 4th day today and I feel absolutely fine. The thing is I have felt the same all of the days. Just headaches and paracetamol sorts that out.
Not doing any exercise but going to try to do some today.

What I want to know is will I lose between 8-10lbs like everyone else by not doing any exercise or do I need to?

PS Blondie,

For your chocolate craving just stick to the choc shake and add 2 sweetners. It tastes no different then the real thing. it works for me. If I had carried on with the soup and flapjacks then I might have had some problems. I just have the Choc shake.
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what a lovely dream ha! ha! more of a nightmare when you woke up!! I think i'm day dreaming mainly about a nice slice of cheese on toast or a packet of cheese and onion crisps its the savoury foods for me!! lol:D but i'm not hungry i just want them cause it's what i'd normally have stupid really. But thats me i eat out of boredom more than anything. hoping to break that now. And stay away from the choccie fingers Jesi your going well.;)


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in my first week i had about 3 dreams like that!! my boyfriend found it really funny too! its such a horrible feeling isnt it! xx
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LOL thank feck it was just a dream - And what a nice one too ;)

Good Luck for the rest of your diet

LiSe xXx
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Haha, I have dreams like that quite a lot & get really panicky when I wake up until I realise I didn't actually do it :)



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ha ha i had a dream like that the other week but i ate chocolate cake the releif when you wake up is unreal haha xx

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