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  1. rani

    rani Silver Member

    Anyone got good ideas to make omlettes without oil or nasty one cal sprays??? Anyone suggest something else i could you pleaseeeeeeeeeee.x
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  3. kae

    kae gunna be a fatty for ever

    Hello rani

    how about getting a good non stick pan? Ive got a fab tefal one but i dont have a problem with fry light! If you have an old spray bottle you could mix some olive oil with a little water and put it in the bottle. If u use it with a good pan you would only need a spray or too!

    hope that helps!

    love katie
  4. rani

    rani Silver Member

    thanks katie, i dont like the smell of the spray bottles,i actually wanted wee small portions of butter that are calorie counted and you just use.i seen one is asdas today,its called kerry garlic butter and has 4 20g portion tubs,which i have worked out are 135 c per tub,but i will use only half of it to save calories.thanks for replying hun.x
  5. zillie

    zillie SlinkySlimmer !!!

    I think that the one cal sprays are really good. I love em ! I dont have one at the moment though. I would say the same thing, a good non stick tefal pan will do the trick. Wont those tubs of butter be very high in fat ? I would have thought it would have been better on the weightloss to go without.

    Good Luck anyways.

    Lizzie xxx
  6. SarahSez

    SarahSez Silver Member

    Hi I would agree with Katie and Lizzie, just use a good non-stick pan and you should ahve no problems if you don't want to use the spray oil. The butter will be too high in fat and makes your omelette way more than 5% fat.
  7. kae

    kae gunna be a fatty for ever

    im really lucky cos i dont like butter and oily things! I couldnt live with out my on cal spray!

  8. zillie

    zillie SlinkySlimmer !!!

    i should get one really but i have been managing without so far, maybe i ll remember it this week haha :D

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