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Ok feeling discouraged today-help me stay strong

Jumped on the scales this morning...only to find I have apparently gained 4 lbs....I know it's only water weight cos it can't be anything else but I am just so pissed off right now.What makes it worse is that it's my weigh in tomorrow(2 days early) and I've already had one week where I STS....I don't know that psychologically I can cope with another one or worse yet a gain.I have stuck to this 100% from the beginning.Did my 810 week last week which as far as I know is supposed to boost your metabolism...weight was dropping nicely till yesterday morning and now all of a sudden it's up.Why?I just feel like crying and giving up.All this stress and hard work and it just doesn't seem to be working like it did in the first 2 months.I've only lost 13 lbs over the last 4 weeks-not even the average stone-and I still have 7-12 to go :(
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You know you have done sooooo well to date.


You know by the fact that you have put on since yesterday that the body stores in funny ways. You never know that by the time of your next WI you may have lost all that fluid..even if it is tomorrow. I know i can weigh lbs different from one day to the next and its soul destroying.

Keep at it, your weight loss has been impressive and inspiring. Have a cuppa, a bar and a walk in the sun...it will make you feel tons better so you can see it in perspective. :gen126:


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Hi Polishrose, I'm sorry to hear your feeling down today but look at the bigger picture hun - you have lost 70lb and that is amazing. As Lemma above says scale hopping is soul destroying and can mess your week up however you did get on the scales and the results you see today have disappointed you and I feel for you but tomorrow is a new day and it may well have changed again.

This diet has been working for you and will again, it will get you to goal. You have done so well already and I would love to be in your position in 3 months time as I have lot to lose too. It's inspirational that you have lost the amount you have lost in such a short time so keep going, it may only be that your body is doing some adjusting before it gets ready for the next hurdle and loses some more. Hope you feel better soon. Big Hugs Zoe xx


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Hey! Look at what I found for you

how appropriate.... bigger loser. Just what we're after!

Listed young lady, I was just today reading one of your posts and studying you profile and thinking how well you're doing and convincing myself that I need not mind my colossal stall as people with your determination would not. Now it's great that you're human ;) but you know as well as we do that there's no way but forward. With all you've achieved giving up is not even an option! Don't let your mind play tricks on you.

You're gonna be in for a huge woosh of pounds down soon. Just you wait and next week you'll be down not the traditional 2 or 3 only but 6 or 7 making it all worth it. I promise!
You've been doing great Rose but I do think this diet makes me feel emotional and it must be very difficult if you think you're not losing weight as diet is so hard to do. It will be because of the heat, you'll be retaining fluid. I'll bet it'll come off soon; in fact it must because you're taking in so few calories.
Polishrose, don't give up!! You've come such a long way already and you are doing great!! You've most likely hit a bit of a plateau and will soon start shifting pounds again. Keep guzzling that water and stop scale hopping ;), before you know it you will have another loss to report. Remember, this is no quick fix, we are in it for the long haul and YOU CAN DO IT :D :D :D.

Good luck sweetie.

Soon2bslimmer x :)
Thanks all :) I feel better now-have been glugging water and will keep my fingers crossed that I will have lost a bit tomorrow morning.I'm not going to give in-not this time.I just need to keep focussed on the ultimate goal and not get distracted by what weird things my body is doing along the way :)


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Hey Rose
Hon, your doing so well............. You have been going for a while.. so I can understand your feelings..
But stick with it, it will come off.. I know I am bad jumping on and off the scales but sometimes it doesnt help us..
I am sure when you go tomorrow you will have a good loss and for any reason if you dont then it WILL come off the week after.
Keep your chin up hon your doing fab xxx


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And remember tomorrow that you are 2 days early for your weigh in so you haven't had the full 7 days. I always seem to lose more the day after my weigh in - I started on a Friday but get weighed on a Wednesday!

You know that this diet works are long as you follow the plan and your body will catch up itself.

Stay strong x
I have to say I would love your losses Rose!!
Keep going it simply has to come off. :) You are doing fantastic. Well done.
HI Rose

Wow well done so far, I think everyone is right it must be fluid retention.
I hope it comes off really soon- I can understand how demotivating it must be when you've been so good too.


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Hey hun... dont give up. I had a wk when i didnt loose anything and during that wk, midway i weighed myself and i had put on 2lbs. Its all water retention. Ive started drinking dandeloin tea which is supposed to really help and some cders actually swear boosts weight loss. Give it a go... and i agree with everyone else, stop scale hopping...i wont be doin it again as i feel it can be very demotivating. x
hi rose, please don't give up, you are looking good and doing remarkably well. i always quote your losses when telling people about the site and would give anything to lose it like you! you're a true inspiration to us all, keep with it hun xxxxx


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aww Hun don't let it get you down. Is it totm? It will all be water. You are 100% and it will come off.
As everyone else has been saying Rose-it's only water retention. It can't be anything else. You are doing so well, so try not to get downhearted. I'm staying away from the scales this week-I put on 3/4lb from yesterday, but I know it's because of my totm. I'm hoping to lose something this week, but I'm thinking I may have to write it off. If not it will come off next week or the week after. It will all even out in the end. You're doing remarkably well for the amount of time you've been doing CD. You should be proud of yourself.
Thanks all :) I feel better now-have been glugging water and will keep my fingers crossed that I will have lost a bit tomorrow morning.I'm not going to give in-not this time.I just need to keep focussed on the ultimate goal and not get distracted by what weird things my body is doing along the way :)
Glad to read you're feeling brighter - am sure you will notice that the gain has gone again tomorrow, our bodies are really strange things!!

You're an inspiration :)


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Hi PolishRose!!

I thought I would post to say hello and that I am thinking about you!!

You have had some very lovely comments on here and I am not sure there is much more I can say!!

You have done soooooooo well on this diet, and I can't imagine what it must have felt like today! I am sure you have managed another day when you ready this, and I am really proud of you for being 100% for all the time you have been on the diet!!

Sending you some love!!!

Hi PolishRose

Please don't give up! You are an inspiration with your amazing weightloss and like everyone has said, this will be just water!


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Just seen your 3lb loss on the Summer Solstice challenge page - congratulations you must be chuffed. Just shows that it is the scales that we weigh in on we need to listen to. I have also lost more than I was expecting at my weigh in today, so know how pleased you must be feeling!!! Great motivation for next week (and the week after that!)

This is a diet so worth sticking with...

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