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Ok how long does the smelly stinky breathe last



Slowly but surely x
i dont think its that bad if you keep drinking water regularly. Dehydration is a major factor for bad breath let alone ketosis.
Ive been in ketosis almost 5 weeks and my hubby has not even noticed it. I swear xx
nobody has noticed it on me either I keep asking my mum lol my mouth has an awful metallic taste like when your pregnant and my gums get very furry but I just keep spraying sugar free mouth spray xx
WELL my hubby defo knows i am... and i never ever have a stinky breathe
Try some Listerine strips, Michele. They're brilliant. You can buy them off Ebay. :)
JUST ORDERED the strips cheers guys!!!
Glad we could help. :D
My CDC gave me a piece of this dental gum called 'air light', granted most chewing gum can make you hungry from the chewing action however this stuff you can only chew for about a minute until it basically falls apart and you spit it into a tissue. It's sugar free and I've found it really works (for me). I think the fact you can't chew it for long means it doesn't make me wildly hungry!

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