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OK Im back..... again

Hi guys
well, you may remember about 2 weeks ago, I was 'back', after my holiday, well, I was back for one day, and then I was hit with a really bad chest infection.
I still have it unfortunately, but at least now I can get up and get some shopping in etc....
So, starting again tomorrow, I will be weighing myself and filling in my food diary and adjusting my stats etc.
See you all then.....
hugs to you all.....
(cough cough :sick::sick::sick::sick::boohoo:)
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Hope you feel better soon
Thanks guys....
Today is my last day of antibiotics, but Im still not clear of it. I couldnt bear another course, I hate taking them.
But my chest is still wheezy and Im still coughing badly... I dont know what to do. I guess I should just phone the doctor and see what he says. :cry:
Good luck!!!!!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Oh baby! You need some tlc and to build up your resistance again, you will be so debilitated. I find that benylin in hot water is as good as anything for loosening the chest. I know you won't feel much like it, but could you bear to go for a walk? You need to do some deep breathing to expand the bottom of your lungs, but it needs to be done gently by using your diaphragm. That gets behind any phlegm (sorry) and helps it up to where there are little hairs that waft it to the bottom of your throat so you can cough it out. ( I love doing fruity chests!) BUT, if you are still wheezy then you may need an inhaler as you might have some bronchospasm. Go back to the Dr, he gets £120,000 for doing naff all!

Check this link
oh Judi thank so much for that.
Yes Im going to make another appointment for sure.
I am also going to def do the breathing exercises you gave me.
Thing is.... there is nothing to 'bring up'. I can feel it in my chest but I cant get rid of it. :cry:
I am also going to get a new OH (joking), Im still having to do the laundry, the cooking and the cleaning, while he lies in bed.. useless ****.
Have you any tips on how to do the perfect murder.? lol
Welcome back, good luck with it, hope you get sorted at the doctors again, it can't be easy trying to stick to this when you're feeling that bad. Hope you're feeling much better soon x

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