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Ok I'm totally confused

2 weeks ago I lost 7lbs taking me down to 16-3.The very next morning my weight shot up to 16-10-figured it was water for whatever reason-wasn't very well later that week so didn't weigh in, send bf to get my supplies and carried on-well OK it's dropped a bit but only to 16-6 and I'm totally confused as to why.I have had my period in that time too, in fact it's just finished but why hasn't it dropped back down to what it was before?It's very demoralising-I've not gained anything in inches so it must still be water right?Thing is because the weight's kind of just stuck there all week it makes me feel like eating and I have had to resort to a few SS+ days or I would have gone on a total binge.So help!!What's going on and why isn't my weight shifting?It's been at 16-6 since Sunday and I'm so fed up of it.Makes me feel like giving up :(
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Poor you, it must be a bit demoralising. No idea why this might have happened but just want to say please, please don't give up now - you've come so far and are an inspiration to me - YOU CAN DO IT! You know that if you are sticking to SS or SS+ the weight HAS to come off, it's tough that you don't know when though. Stick with it girl, your more than halfway through your journey:)
I also seem to have this problem every now and again, I thought it was my scales at first, but now you have mentioned it, it probably isn't. On 14th July my weight dropped to 10stone 3lb, then promptly went up the next day by nearly 2lb, today 8 days later I am still 1 stone 3.8lb, so still haven't lost that extra bit, I am now on 1200 plan though so dont expect the weight to drop off so quickly, but cannot understand why it went down, then straight back up the next day and still haven't managed to shift it... am just persevering, but I know exactly how you feel.
aww hun that sucks but there must be a reason for it, how ever annpying it is! Like you say it must be just water or your body playing tricks on you, as minxie says youve come so far and are doing amazing, so dont give up now your just having a funny few days i reckon xxx
I know just how you feel Polish Rose, I'm feeling fed up at the moment - I look at myself and feel fat even though I'm not far from target it has been really slow lately, some comes off some goes on. I want to be able to join in with my family when we go out yet I seem to always be on a diet. Take care, maybe its the weather.

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Gosh I've been wondering where an earth you'd gone! You'd be the first to tell me to stick with it and that CD works. STEP AWAY FROM THE SCALES - absolutly no point in weighing yourself at the moment for it only to de-motivate you. Keep going and stay with the plan. It will be worth it as you know. Let your body adjust hun. Have missed you on here loads. You're my voice of reason so come on be strong. You can do this xxx hugs


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Sometimes I think your body just needs a chance to catch up. Maybe an SS+ week is what you need? A little kick start to your metabolism. You've done so well, PLEASE hon don't give up.


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You say you've been ill? I'm sure I read a while back that your body can often hang onto excess water when you are under the weather and for a while afterwards. I'm sure it will come off eventually. Well done on your great losses so far and keep at it- YOU CANNOT BE GAINING 'REAL' WEIGHT!


100% all the way!
aww bless ya hun xxxx You've done amazingly well so far, keep you head up and it will all work out in the end! I can't explain why this has happened, it does sound be bit strange?!
Thx Katy-see I could understand if I had just STS for a week,but to gain 7lbs and then it not go down again just doesn't make sense :( I've had a SS+ day today anyway or I would have just wanted to give up.
devilish and lisa I wanted to thank you both but the thanks button wasn't there LOL-and now it was ...weird!!
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stick with it hun, look at your losses and how far you have come! Now is not the time to doubt the diet when you have lost 93lbs in 4 months!!! That's amazing!
Ignore the scales and wait until weigh in, i lose my weight in the last 2 days and after much nipping on the scales at the start, i know i can only rely on my CDC scales



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Could it be your scales? The battery in my scales is on it's way out and I regularly have completely random numbers appearing which don't seem to make any sense.

Does your CDC weigh you on different scales? If so, I'd try and stop weighing until you can get to your CDC and take it from there.

Also, have you had your 810 week? It could be your body having a protest and it needs a bit of a kick start?
They're new scales so I doubt it's the battery as it's not random numbers,it's stayed at the same weight for 2 weeks.The CDC's scales weigh me 2lbs heavier than mine :(


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Rose, wondering if it is hormonal? Periods can be weird and scary on CD and it could be water retention of some sort? I don't understand really but I know that stopping is NOT the answer... unless you worked the steps. But CD won't be making you PUT ON weight, so if this is a genuine gain (don' see how it can be anything but water) so stopping won't solve things surely?
When my losses stalled, I would say to myself 'keep the faith'. Still say it some days. Rose... don't let this derail you. Hang on, and keep the faith. Big hugs.

Well just got back from my WI and I am officially up by 4lbs :( We discussed it and decided it was a combination of being unwell, TOTM,stress,not drinking enough water,horrendous constipation and I confess,eating something the last 2 days(because I was so fed up of my weight not shifting).My measurements are still the same so we're pretty sure it's water retention.
But I have found my motivation again(it went walkies for 2 days)and am determined to see this through-hence posting here and not running away and pretending my weight wasn't up.I suspect it'll drop this week now that I'm drinking more water again-I've barely managed 2 litres a day over the past week,where I used to drink 3.5.
Anyway-I'm disappointed that there's no weight loss but I am aiming for a big loss this week.

PS If I disappear again it means I'm struggling,so feel free to add me to msn and hassle me ([email protected])


WILL be Slim!
oh hun i'm sorry you had a gain this week!
Just stick to it 100% for the net few weeks and hopefully it will shift in a flash!
Fingers crossed sweetie xxx

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Oi....no!!!! If you're struggling get yourself on here. That's when we need eachother most hun. You're sounding positive again which is great and over-all you've had amazing losses and you will again.


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