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Ok Lovelys...


Fab & Fit For Florida
I am here and I am ready and raring to go 100%...

I have decided to go SS 100% but if I find I am struggling I will simply move up a plan rather than give up!

I am so determined today, wish me luck, and any tips would be greatfully accepted... :p:eek::p

Hiya - well i have no tips as such, you know getting into ketosis is the hardest part but from there its all downhill - if you cannot bear just 3 packs and are so hungry you want to die type thing - have chicken breast cooked - ready to snack on in the fridge - it saved me from choc.

If you are cooking for children - have a hot drink - i find that helps me and just keep remebering why you are doing this!!!

Once your in kland - goolian you know its all downhill - im fine and im the worst emotional eater, snacker in the world lol, so i m sure youl be just great!!!



Fab & Fit For Florida
well no children so i am safe on that front, will probably still try and cook for OH... i am an emotional eater too, but the only person that can make me do this is me!


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Oooohhh good luck hun!
Main tip is drink, drink, drink!!! Keeping yourself well hydrated will keep those nasty withdrawal headaches to a minimum.
If i have to cook for the kids & am feeling like a might give in and have something i chew sugar free gum. (you're not really supposed to have it but its better than eating)
If you are desperate for something other than water and need a treat have a can of coke zero (only one can a day & only when you really need it - but tbh its better to get the first two weeks out of the way frist to establish ketosis)


Fab & Fit For Florida
yeah if it wasn't for coke zero i would never get through it lol


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Good luck x

Coke zero is my friend too, I reward myself with a can in the evening each day.

Annie x

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