ok new start lol


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well after a month of being off the diet, and my laptop breaking im back today and starting fresh! i started in june and weighed a massive 17st 2.5lbs now im down to 13st 5lbs n wanting to get e few more stone off!!- xlaura x
monday- green day

breakfast -2 eggs,baked beans
lunch -pasta, tuna(heb) mayo-x2 syns/ 2 oranges
(Hea)- 250mls semi skimed milk

dunno wot ill be having 4 tea ill update l8r
my mission is not to eat after 8:)

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tuesday- green day

breakfast- 1 banana

lunch- didnt get chance

Tea- jacket potato, tuna(heb) califlower

(hea)-250mls semi skimmed milk

Im Hoping nt to have any syns today, as i had so many at the weekend!! and need to go hopping to get sum yoghurts after work lol !!
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u have done very well, i m starting again after new year, got party new year eve so thats why i am waiting lost quite bit with sw before so know it can be done how long has it taken u


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hi pangie, i started in june and im about 2.4lbs off my 4 stone award hun- good luck im sure you can do it!!


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ok so today(tuesday) didnt go to plan wot with going back to work and having chocolates offered to me around every corner!! chocolate is my greatest weekness ltho i can resist everyting else- im going to have to start sw from scratch i think

wednesday- Red day
breakfast- an orange

lunch- ww veg soup(heb)

Tea- x6 crackerbreads(heb) tuna and onion
- baked beans
HEA- 250mls semi skimmed milk