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Ok so i admit im a hopeless dieter....

So once again I find myself stepping on the scales and vowing to myself I'm going to lose weight...but lowe and behold ive gained. Now im at the biggest I have ever been weighing in at 200lbs :(

Im utterly disgusted with myself, the way I used pregnancy as an excuse to eat, eat eat!! I gained 3 stone :-O then when I began my contraception injections Ive piled on another 2 stone!!

Now I find myself 88lbs heavier then I should be and utterly miserable...so you ask 'Why now do you believe your efforts to shift it will be sucessful, though you have failed miserably before?' well even my maternity clothes dont fit no more, my underwear digs in at my hips, my chest hurts all the time, ive got back boobs and I feel disgusting!!!

Sooo after doing my research I came across The Cambridge Diet, my mum had done it previously and lost over 3 stone in 4 weeks!! Now you ask 'why such an extreme weight plan?'...because in 3 weeks time my son is being christened and im determined to wear a size 14 dress!! Not near my weight goal but I will feel more comfortable & lighter lol :D
My next target will be for the 2nd of september this year, I have my last girly holiday and am determined not to be the 'fat' girl of the group as I have been previously. I mean its the last holiday I will have with the girls and I have to go out with a bang :D :D

So after months of trying, times running out and it really is last hope city. I will do my best and remain positive in my goals.

So enough from me, good luck to all of you :)

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I've suffered set backs myself so I know how it feels to have to start again from scratch. I'm sure that with all the fantastic advice and encouragement that you will get on here will help you to loose the weight for good.
Good luck :)

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I am a similar weight to you 194lb I tried a diet like Cambridge diet lost 5lb in a day felt really good but was starving after the first three days and gave up. Purely because I have a one year old and am constantly running after him. I then put all the weight on plus more!! Now in the last week I have lost 3lb by eating sensibly and exercise. I am starting to run 3 times a week too. Hope this helps x

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Hi Kara!

I'm the exact same hun - I had my daughter in September last year, and have gained weight from pregnancy AND post-baby (being a bored SAHM and having no willpower!). I've also done 2 different diets this year and failed and gave up on both :( I think meal replacement is the way forward for me next, I need to see results fast to stay motivated! x


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Talk about setting your target weight low! I wish you luck, but think you'd be better setting a higher target weight which you'd be more likely to reach and be able to stabilise!

Good luck!

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