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OK...So I'm back on LL again

Hi All,

I was a frequent visitor to this site about this time last year when I was about to begin LL for the first time weighing 14 Stone 6 Pounds. So I struggled through Foundation and at the end of July I was 10 Stone 13 Pounds (I'm 5"8) happier, thinner and much more confident.

I jumped straight into Route To Management (as well as changing LL Counsellors) however I found my new Counsellor very unsupportive and was running another 8 groups at several locations and always seemed to busy to talk. So after 6 weeks, I left...3 guesses what happened....

That's right so here I am heavier than before I started and miserable. So this has driven me back to LL out of sheer desperation. My mum is also doing LL and her counsellor (50 miles away) has agreed to let me buy packs from her and pop in for a weigh in when I am home (every few weeks)

So I started on Friday...weighed myself and Holy Mamma I was 15 Stone 10lbs...so disappointed in myself.

Yesterday (Sunday) I weighed myself and I was 15 stone 2 pounds. I was a LL preacher, vowing to "Never again let myself be overweight" and well best laid plans and blah blah blah...

But you know what guys...we have done it before and we can do it again. But I think you have to get to that point where you think "no more" and you know you have no option to but to get back on the wagon and welcome ketosis back into your life! I tried to re-start a few months ago and 2 stone lighter than I am now and failed miserably... I lasted half a day and ended up crying my eyes out feeling very sorry for myself so I gave up at the first hurdle.

But now I am back and I have decided to get back on the wagon and do it all over again.

So here we go...good luck guys - we CAN do it

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Hi there soontobeskinny,
Well done with the 8lb loss. Sorry you've had to start again, I too praised LL for being the 'cure' to my weight problem, it isn't, its just another tool to be used to lose weight to be followed up by permanent change. Hard lessons to learn because ketosis is fantastic isn't it! Sure the lesson is learned and this time it'll be different, the weight will be off before you know it and you'll have more insight into how to keep it off. Keep going, you'll be that thin confident person you were last year by July again! Ta ta for now x
Hi Julie,

Thanks for you reply. It is true we sometimes hail LL as our saviour and think it will not only solve the weight issue but also solve the reason why we overate in the first place. For some it does, but for me I don't think it did.

Yesterday was day 5 on my restart and last night I ate several bars...why...because I felt the need to binge. I so wanted to stop myself but I needed the comfort of a binge and in some twisted way thought that by overeating the bars would be in some way better than doing it on actual food. What a wally, I know. But I wonder if I will ever have a "normal" relationship with food.

I envy those people who can just stop eating a sandwich half way through and say "I've had enough".

Oh well today is another day and I had better get myself back into ketosis.

Good luck on your journey too Julie!

you can definitely do this, and we are all here to help and support you through it. Good luck and keep going!
I know that at the end of my RTM that I will still not be ready for life with food, without some support. i have started looking at overeaters anonymous support sites and am really considering joining up to help keep me focused.
I am struggling a bit at the mo and havnt even finished the course yet. I also feel I wont ever have a good relationship with food, but like other addicts, I feel that as long as I am aware I have a problem I will be able to curtail it. It might not be easy but then nothing in life worth having is easy.

Good luck on your journey at least you are being open and honest.

We can all do this.:)
You're right we can do this. I this time I know the risks and wont think that as soon as I am thin my problem is dealt with - its only the result of the problem that is temporarily taken away. My problem with over eating would still be there. But at least I am forwarned this time...I know when I lose the weight I will still have a problem - I think the last time I was just so concerned with being thin I didnt actually address the problem in the first place.

Good luck

Hya everyone, I remember you from last year soontobe & have gone through similar struggles, I lost a wopping 6 stone on LL last year, and for various reasons was not able to finish management properly and so when I got to the trigger weeks I just could not handle it without my group.I was emabarrassed and ashamed for a long time that I let myself slip back into old ways and whilst I have not put all the weight back on - I have now rejoined with 3 stone to loose & determined to to do this again.Boy is it hard though second time around. Officially started on Thurs & managed to stick to it so far, weekends are hard!But what got me through last time was minimins, so here I am again, not quite reformed - I think I will always have this battle, and like you soontobe I was more preoccupied with being thin I did not think about staying that way, thought it would just fall into place.
Whoop whoop - got through a weekend without any major mishaps....feeling good, seems ketosis is kicking in.
Well done SkinnyMinny,
Glad you got through the weekend, thats the times I find really hard and can't believe how much my weekends normally revolve around food!! Will have to do something about that!!! Day two of a restart here, not going to class yet as have loads of packs but ready for battle. I will never give in!!! About 3 stones to lose here too!! Keep going x
Its not that busy on the returners bit to be honest!!
But well done on going back to SSing. The first few days are hard, I'm on day two as well and could eat my arm at the moment.
Need to keep my eye on the end goal, a slim and healthy me for summer. The alternative is not an option and I've got to feel great in my bridesmaid dress in 5 weeks time too. Write down your short term goals and imagine being there, you've done it before you can definitely do it again, remember how good you felt before!!! Stay strong and keep posting x

Well got through the weekend, but now seem to have developed swollen glands and temp of about 100 and feel shocking. Would give anything for some chicken soup (heinz) and some bread....trying to stay strong, but so hard when you feel so ill :sick:
I've not had all my quota for today and even had a bit of lettuce. Cant believe it, I don;t even like lettuce.

My councellor said if i was desperate, I could have a little protein ie turkey or chicken but fridge was empty so i couldnt be tempted.

I feel lightheaded now, drunk lots of water. Do you think ketosis might have started yet?
Well not a bad first week - managed to loose about 11lbs I think not sure about the kilo/pound thing but based on my very basic conversions.

Onwards & downwards as they say!
Well done Skinny,
Makes it all worth it when you get results like that!
I've been good but nearly caved at the shops, got so far as filling my basket with meat and salad then put it all back and went to get the fizzy water that I'd gone in for! Felt better when I got home and have had two packs. I think I can be restrained and lose weight with the odd cheat here and there but in actual fact thats how it starts then it spirals very quickly out of control. I must keep it in mind that the last time I'd been doing really well in abstinence it started to go pear shaped with some innocent scrambled eggs!!!!
Anyway feel good that I've kept to it!!
Well done again and hope you're feeling better. I've had two doses of flu in the last couple of months and you've done fabulous to restrain when ill. xx

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