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Ok so I'm now...

16.5lbs lighter and I feel sooo sooo great in the day but oh so bad every single night! I am in my 3rd week and I weigh on Thursday!! I'm trying so hard to stay on the wagon! But I have just cooked my hubbie a meal and I want food!!! I know its so bad as I now fit into some jeans that I bought a while back that never fit me! Now they are loose to the point I can pull them up without undoing them!! I'm even dreaming of food am I normal!??? Tonight is hard so I thought I'd join you guys...

Hope xx
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Yes, some days are really hard. Especially after a weigh in, the buzz from it has faded a bit and you think about the weekend/days ahead. But, you must think of how far you have come in so short a time. If you eat anything, you will probably try to eat just a little, so as to go for damage limitation. That amount will not fill you up, will kick you out of ketosis and make the coming days even harder to deal with. As you are now in your third week, the cravings you have are only from habit, not from being hungry. The smells will get to you, as they did when you weren't on Lipotrim, but you CAN deal with them. Please don't give in, once you break it, it is soooo hard to get back on to it again, TRUST me I know, been there did that. Just think ahead, and think of the results you will have. The longer you stick to it 100% the quicker the weight loss. You will not be doing this forever, the food will still be there. Keep at it hun, you have done soooo well so far xxx
Thanks Cheryl for your reply! I feel a bit better now I am not going to cheat I know what you mean I would feel so bad if I cheated! You lost 8.5 stone thats amazing that is pretty much how much I want to loose!! Can I ask you how long it took you?? Hopexx
Good girl!

In total, 10 months or so, spread over 3 years as I had health problems in between and had to leave the programe. Unfortunately I had cancer (have had it 5 times now) and had to leave the diet behind while I had treatment. I "tweak" it now and again, by using packs, as I am lucky to have a lovely pharmacist who lets me have packs as and when I need them.
You are most welcome to ask at any time, I'm not always around, but will watch your thread. I wish I had Minimins when I first started, it would have made things a lot easier. When I first did it, we were a "pilot" group for our surgery and basically felt a bit like guinea pigs. No-one really knew what to do or what to expect and we had very little support. So any questions, ask away. There is always someone on here who will answer and support you all the way xxx


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Cheryl.....you are a real inspiration....and thanks so much for sharing your up and downs - it means so much. This is an amazing site - full of amazing people who have so much life experience to offer! Hugs!!
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Reading your words Cheryl have helped me - I'm really struggling tonight but I kept thinking to myself once I start that will be it so am trying to keep it 100%.

Sorry for jumping on to your thread forever hope.


Back on the wagon!
S: 17st7lb C: 16st5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 39.3 Loss: 1st2lb(6.53%)
Threads like this kept me sane loads of evenings.....Cherly's one is really amazing...10 stone in total is just a fab achievement together with struggling with illness.
Cheryl that really puts this diet into perspective, if you can do it in between bouts of illness then we can too. So we should just get on with it and thank ourselves lucky we are here to beable to do the bloomin diet at all.
well said rach cheryl you are wonder woman


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Just spotted this thread. Cheryl, I'm glad you are well again. You really are a fantastic role model for us guys. To be able to remain focused on the diet whilst having Cancer is just amazing. Most of us guys would have given up, but not you. FAN BL**DY TASTIC.