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ok.. so It is my birthday on Friday

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I didnt think this was an offtopic.. but if it is sorry!:busted:

Basically my birthday :bday: is on Friday. It has been arranged to meet up with friends from my previous course, we are going to go for a meal and then into town for drinks. Obviously.. there will be lots of drinks..:dooney:

It is my birthday and I have always been one to want to go out drinking and have a good night, but I dont want to go and then get a gain because I will weigh on Monday night. I really dont wanna put on the 1.5lbs that I lost this week to take me back another week...:scale:

Am I taking this too far??! Should I not be worried about what is happening and go out and enjoy myself. :confused: It is not like I am going to continue it through the weekend. I know how to control the food it will just be the drink.. and then that will only be friday night.

I dunno.. I guess I just feel a bit stupid for feeling this way, it is hard because this is what people my age do, go out drinking!.. plus I hate the hangover! :jelous:

Anyone else know how to combat the results of drinking to get a what I want on the scale on Monday?! Any suggestions much appreciated! :gen147:
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Have you had any syns this week? Have you been saving them up? How many syns do you plan on having?
You could flexi syn - allow yourself a top limit for the night and work down from there.

There isn't a way to combat the results really other than be very very good before and the same after.

I know you don't want to undo your hard work, but this is life, we have birthdays, social functions, little blips and we get back on track as soon as we can. Put it this way, you might put a pound on, but you will not put 43.5lbs on!!

Enjoy your evening and have a happy birthday.


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Spirits are relatively low in syns - with low cal mixers, that is. Why not alternate one round with spirit, one without? That way you get plenty of non-alcoholic fluid and limit the speed at which you're taking in alcohol, as well as the syns. Hopefully the hangover won't be as bad either.


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if it were me I would stick to spirits & diet mixers (thats what I drink anyway), order singles rather than doubles and just try to dance it all off! Oh, and make sure not to have a takeaway, and to have the ingredients for a s/w cooked breakfast ready to go for the morning after. Birthdays only come around once a year. Happy birthday! :)


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Happy birthday for Friday :)

It is my 30th soon and ive made a decision that im going to try and have a syn free week and allow myself the night pretty much off, although I wont be eating junk and sticking to my JD and diet cokes, its only once a year HAVE FUN xx
its my wonderful fellas birthday on sunday and im gonna eat drink and be merry. shall not be holding back! its a special day and the next day i will be right back on track!

its your birthday so enjoy it whatever you decide to do

happy birthday to you :D

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