ok time to rethink mfp/nutracheck

Discussion in 'Calorie Counting' started by maclynn, 20 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. maclynn

    maclynn Silver Member

    Hi long time since I posted on minimins, I lost a lot of weight with sw but have been messing around, I'm trying to stop swapping between plans, if I go for counting cals, is my fitness plan or nutracheck better, on my fitness pal can you set for a higher or lower day, I know you can on nutracheck but haven't worked out how on my fitness pal, thanks in advance
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  3. lindseydodd408

    lindseydodd408 Gold Member

    You can input your own calorie goal into mfp. I work out my TDEE and minus 20% and input that figure. Otherwise mfp would have me starving myself on 1200 a day!

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  4. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    thanks lindsay im going to try and work mine out the amount its given me is stupid im hungry on 1250
  5. lindseydodd408

    lindseydodd408 Gold Member

    Of course you are, thats a ridiculously low number!!!

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  6. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

    That is stupidly low, Chez! How does it expect you to reduce when you lose more weight!!
  7. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

  8. slim2012

    slim2012 Silver Member

    I use mfp and it's given me 1640 a day and I'm 5ft 5 and weigh 24-3, so I'm not sure why you're only getting 1250-do you have your expected weight loss set really high?mine is set for a kilo a week and a sedentary lifestyle.
  9. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Oh just ignore MFP Chezz, it gives stupidly low figures! :) xx
  10. not_lar_croft

    not_lar_croft Silver Member

    It all depends what you want to lose every week - I have set mine at 1lb a week and I have 1667 calories a day. I keep within this and do exercise as well which I use as calories if I know I am going to go over my set calories - so far I have lost every week and more that the estimated 1lb - now at 23lbs loss - my BF has lost 8 stone using it so it does work - but like every plan you need to be honest. I think it is only a guide as we are all different. If you go higher and you are not losing but sticking at it then you know you need to lower your daily calories until you find the right figure.
  11. not_lar_croft

    not_lar_croft Silver Member

    Plus MFP is free and Nutracheck is a monthly fee - why pay when there are free apps to use?
  12. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    here here
  13. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

    I hadn't heard of nutracheck before hand and was checking it out. Will def avoid now if you have to pay, thank for the heads up!

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