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ok, weekend confession time!


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Ok, so ive been realy bad this easter weekend (inc fri and mon) and need to confess!

friday - had a bbq, was mostly meat and salad but had a big (and i mean massive) blob of ice cream. and had a hot cross hun for my lunch before that aswell.

saturday - was ok in the day then i worked the night shift and had a cream egg, a couple of choccy biscuits and a couple of rich teas.

sunday - my meals were ok, only had a bowl of museli for dinner and a turkey roast for tea BUT i also murdered a poor, innocent lindt bunny, scoffed a slice of homemade strawberry flan with cream and some of my mums easter egg aswell.

monday - dunno what was going thru my mind, i had 2/3 a packet of pancake mix (made into pancakes obviously) with sugar and lemon for lunch. for tea we went to tampopo and i had a bowl of laksa (which is like a cocomut milk curry soup) and some rum and coconut ice cream for afters.

and then TODAY! i sent off for one of those nestle chocolate heaven bars abotu 4 or 5 weeks ago (still not sure why i did it) and it came today, ive just eaten 2/3's off it at which point guilt over-came me and ive chucked the rest away, i havent even had anything else to eat, really dont know why i ate it, was only supposed to be having one bit to try it lol.

jees, i go away next thursday to turkey but alway hardly eat while i'm there for some reason, need to eat better until then. i'll be going again 8 weeks after i get back and there's no reason why i can lose a stone by then.

cant believe how much crap ive eaten this weekend, i dont eat chocolate for ages then overdose on it in one weekend lol.

anyway its off my chest now, was meant to start afresh today but thats gonna have to wait until tomorrow but i'll be good for the rest of the day (damage limitation (she says)).

snail. x
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Ah dont worry- I do think ya need to have a good blow out sometimes... Although think of it as boosting yr metabolism:D - lol

I always have some chocolate after weigh in- which is 2night- i have a chucky kit kat and a slice of cake:D

I have to say
i also murdered a poor, innocent lindt bunny
Really really made me laugh.


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i seem to have 3 good days followed by 2 or 3 bad at the moment, dunno what to do for the best! am quite proud of myself for throwing that chocolate away before actually.

it was only a small lindt bunny... ;)
Ive been exactly the same over the weekend, i cannot control myself when I'm off work!
I always struggle but seem much more able to eat well when I'm at work but everytime I have a holiday I go nuts!


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We were told 2 mini eggs is 1 syn, that kind of helped and excused me to eat a few estimated handfuls for a small amount of syns. There's just so much chocolate around and it almost seems rude not to have any!


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dont worry about it! I had 4 weeks on being good and then have jjust had about 8 weeks off!!! myweakness is stodgy food and I needed it!

I am starting again tomorrow!

At least you know what you are doing and you aren't trying to pretend that you have stuck to it!

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