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Ok worried...


I will be skinny again!!!


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hmmm well i am not in a position to really know but do you think that maybe you were full because you had 2 meals today? yesterday you just had one and your body is adjusting?..... certain that someone will have the answer though ....:)


I will be skinny again!!!
Yeah its probably that!

But im worried Im having too much salad!!


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I think green veg may be more dense than salad. Depending what you had in it, it could have been mostly water. I doubt if you've overdone it - you've been following the guidelines to the letter haven't you, so I'm sure you're fine xx


I will be skinny again!!!
yeah I have, But the salad measurements said a small breakfast bowl of salad... It isnt very specific and I dont want to mess this up!


Here we go again!
I wouldn't worry about it Chelly, you are being so good with this I can't see it going wrong.

Keep doing what you're doing cos you are sticking to it brilliantly. Your stomach's just not used to having 2 meals. Keep going.


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For the salad, just use a bowl you'd use for cornflakes or muesli. As you chop it up, put it into the bowl, then when it's full (NOT piled up!) put it onto your plate.
Hope that helps. xx


I will be skinny again!!!
Yeah thats what ive been doing.. Was worried because there was more salad than the vegetables... lol!!

I might cut down on the salad a bit... had Less today than what I had last night
sure it will be fine tbh

eat untill just before your full as in no longer hungry and not to the point where your stuffed is the best guide i can give


I will be skinny again!!!
My problem is Im not hungry at all!!!
So Dont really know when to stop, Have just been making sure I eat what they tell me too lol!!

Maybe it will change after I have a potato tomorrow...

But Ive never been good at reading the signs of when im not hungry any more...Kinda just ate!


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Hun I went back to my lipotrim lady today, and after a week of eating crap (my birthday last week) and a few weeks of W8 (ish) and cheating i have put on NO weight...I've stayed the same. So don't worry....you are doing great xxx


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Hey sugar,

im sure eating a tiny bit too much salad isnt going to make u pile weight on!

maybe if it was crips haha, but wouldnt worry, keep doing what your doing. and when you get weighed this week that will be your guide as to iff you need to add or cut back anythin

Well done so far! enjoy your potatoe today haha

remember that i thought id put on in first week and i lost 4 pound lol so its probably natural to be worried and thinking your eating too much

jus do what you thinks right


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Chell im sure eating a little bit extra salad isnt going to do any harm!

Just remember, once you feel full thats your body telling you you have had enough so dont force anything else in :D


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ah .... lol

well you seem like you are very controlled about your portions so if you are sticking to the weights to the letter then im sure you have nothing to worry about :D x


It really does work! :)
Hi Chelly,

Hope you're enjoying the refeed....could it be that the veg are complex-carbs, so it will be the first carbs back in your body making you feel that way? Just a thought (i'm no scientist or doc lol)

You'll get a better idea tomorrow when you have the spud (true carbs).

Enjoy the food and as Adam said, take it as it comes and you may even lose this week too...



I will be skinny again!!!
yeah that could be it!!

Just hope I have the portion sizes right, Everyone said they arent that big like. If ive made a mistake I have made a mistake, I will just have to try and lose any weight I put on lol!!

Currently eating the potato with fromage frais now! Its yum yum :)


It really does work! :)
Good on you Chelly, you'll be fine.....I can almost taste the spud from here! lol

If you're following the paperwork then the portion sizes will look strangely different. Two spoons of veg amounts to very little (size wise) in comparison to a "bowl" of salad.

I'm going to be following your menu somewhat, which I believe is basically the LT refeed plan, and I'll probably use fish more than chicken (cooks quicker normally) lol. Sometimes after a long day at work, I don't want to be in the kitchen for ages.

Anyway, good luck to you and I look forward to seeing your results at your next planned weigh-in, which is when??? Is it every 2 weeks now?

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