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okay so I've been real stupid, can someone please give me a kick up the arse?

I did so well, then last week I posted as I'd sneaked some sweets and felt bad. It ended up being a naughty week (just random bits here and there, not completely fallen off) but miraculously still lost 2lb

Then yesterday... some friends dragged me to pizza hut which I didn't want to go to but felt obliged as hadn't seen them for 4 months and ate, then felt so bad I threw it up. I feel like such a mess now, I know it was the stupidest thing I've done, and today I'm struggling to stick to it, I've done my 3 packs, but I've drunk a busload of coke zero and eaten 6 tomatoes (don't ask why tomatoes because I don't know either).

Can someone please give me a kick up the butt, I don't know what's going on but I'm not happy with the path I've suddenly taken :(
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Since you asked, here is your kick up the butt! but you know that you can do this, you just need a little bit more confidence in yourself. You said yourself that you did so well last week, so you can do so well again. Mark it down as a 'blip' and tell yourself that you are going to be 100% from now on :) YOU CAN DO IT x


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You're not doing SS still are you? You should be doing 810 now as your BMI is under 25. I would say, you haven't got long until you'll be at goal. Food will always be around. Refocus yourself and remind yourself of your goals xx
I'm on 810 but I hate it, I spend the rest of the evening starving (proper starving as in desperation) and then wake up in the next morning ravenous and foul mooded...


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Maybe it could be time for you to move up to 1000? You've got 10lbs to lose and I think it's achievable with 1000 kcal. It might help the hunger, as there is more food. Maybe talk to your CDC.

You can do it! You're so close to goal, you've already lost 18lbs, you can lose those last 10lbs :) xx

I've been debating on losing a bit more too. Think my 10lb gets me to a BMI of around 23 but I'm debating maybe going a little further which is why I'm hesitant as I don't want to step up too quick? Think I just need someone to shout at me!


Please kick my butt!!
Consider this your ass Kicking:whoopass:

You are soooooo close to goal. tomorrow is a fresh new day. lots and lots of H2O
Good luck xoxox

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