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OKay. Somebody stop me....


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I love chicken kebad but only when its cooked fresh. Its got to be better for you than the donar kebab so that was a good decision. You just need to start again and stay on track. I had a Chicken kebab on Sunday night and have been struggling too. We can both stick to it!! :)


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:asskick:Draw a line and start over, you won't have done much damage, that will only happen if you carry on!


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Could you not have chicken shish? That's gotta be lower than chicken doner.


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But tell me, did eating that kebab make the bad news go away? Did it make the bad news better? I am a big comfort eater but these are the questions I'm asking myself now whenever I want to something - what will it change? Sadly, apart from my waistline, nothing.

Here's your :copon: from me (but not so violent!) and don't worry, you won't have done too much damage. Accept that this week, your weight loss might not be so good (so you're not disappointed come WI if it has had an affect), draw that line and start afresh. Judi's right - it only does damage if you continue and the fact you're on the forum shows you don't want it to continue.

Try frozen grapes or a semi-frozen Muller next time or splurge your syns for that day. Still feels decadent . . . and without the hangover!

Chin up!


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S: 12st13lb C: 12st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 28.1 Loss: 0st7lb(3.87%)
Is it just me who finds herself wanting to say chinS up??? lol
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If one apple in the cart is rotten would you throw the whole cart away? If one day goes wrong would you wipe out the whole week?



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Don't worry about it - it's happened, now forget it and start again, stopping now will mean less damage than carrying on eating......you can do it....

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