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  1. VirgoGirl

    VirgoGirl Full Member

    Would anyone be able to give me some advice?

    Before starting LL, I'd take a tbsp of an omega oil blend every day. For the last three weeks, I've not been taking it.

    It might be coincidence, but I've noticed a dramatic increase in my rosacea in that time.

    Having done lots of internet research, it turns out that omega oil is one of the recognised treatments for rosacea.

    So, should I start adding some to my soups? A tbsp a day would add about 135kcal to my intake, but presumably little or no carb.

    My LLC is very straight down the line and doesn't approve of any deviations, not even psyllium husks which I've been taking religiously.

    Any help/advice most welcome .....
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  3. tootsie

    tootsie Silver Member

    Hi Virgo Girl, I have acne rosacea and it was pretty bad the first 3/4 weeks, this last week I have seen a huge improvement in it and my skin as a whole..... This is just my experience but hopefully you will find the same!!!
  4. VirgoGirl

    VirgoGirl Full Member

    Thanks Toots, that's reassuring.

    Perhaps I'll wait a week or two and see what happens. My skin all over has gone horrid - dry, flaky, scaly and spotty - arms and legs especially. Am exfoliating and moisturising like mad but nothing's working.

    Fingers crossed that and the wretched rosacea clear up soon.
  5. tootsie

    tootsie Silver Member

    This cold weather plays havoc with my skin, My hands look as if I should be 180 years old!!!! So I am with you on that one xx
  6. slinkytobe

    slinkytobe Full Member

    Virgogirl, I think I would just stick to the packs. Anything that would interfere with them would give you a slower weight loss. Hopefully with all the nutrients in the pack and the 4 ltrs water it may clear it up. I don't get rosacea but my skin is definitely much better than it used to be. Maybe it will get worse before it gets better?

    Tootsie, just saw your last weight-loss. WOW you must have been well chuffed with that. Well done!!!
  7. VirgoGirl

    VirgoGirl Full Member

    Thanks, yes I'll leave it another couple of weeks and see what happens. Fingers crossed it clears up.

    If it does continue to get worse, I might take the oil even if it does slow down the weightloss a bit. I'd rather be slighter bigger on my wedding day than have a red, scaly, lumpy face! :eek:

    To be honest, I think I get less vitamins and minerals on LL than I did before.
  8. meghan1409

    meghan1409 Full Member

    Some of the skin getting worse could be down to the fact that you're detoxing, Virgo... My spots certainly got worse (all over) before my skin got nicer... I probably noticed a general all over improvement towards week 6-7.. before that I was a mess.

    Tough it out if you can!
  9. clairabellx

    clairabellx Full Member

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    I think I had a worsening of my pcos related skin problems at the start of the diet but now all my skin is very dood (one month in). But I do occasionally sneak in some oily fish because I crave it for pmt symptoms, only a small portion - if I have done a good gym workout, I think I can get away with an extra 200 cals, and better this than carbs! I do believe that some of us need 'medicinal levels' of specific food (maybe a lifetime of deficiency?).

    I guess it is up to you, how you look and feel on the big day is something you have to be happy with. So, good luck, and have a lovely one!
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