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:mad: OMG I have had such a poor 24 hours....... so tired at lifeless last night (almost TOTM) and sneaked a couple of squares of choccie!! Today has just got worse and totally abandoned plan for burger king at lunchtime and a fry up tonight. Feel really sick now and wished I hadn't done it but I think that going from TS to WS has knocked me out of ketosis and made me feel weak, so tomorrow I am going back to TS until I lose at least another half a stone.
Sorry about the essay but I feel so bad now and wished I had never swapped to WS (was only having protein and green veg) but it clearly didn't agree with me:(
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It's done now, so just put it behind you and move on. At least you found out that WS is a no go, I don't think it would work for me either. Good luck getting back into TS. :)
OOOOooooooohhhhhhh Burger King - not had one of them in a long time!

Chicken Royal (or Double Whopper lol), chips and Onion Rings please

Good job I live in a town without a BK and the nearest city with one is about 35mins away!!

Tomorrow's a new day. Pick it up again in the morning, and all will be good again :)


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What's done is done, today's a new day and a new start :D


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burger king :drool:


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KFC is better :turkey: :eating:
Oh Maccy D's please!! Quarter pounder with cheese and strawberry milkshake :D Hate KFC! Burger king doesn't do much for me either. Anyway sorry, I agree with the others, draw a line at start again tomorrow, it's just a little blip x


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id have to mix burger king burger (double whopper) and macci d's chips! mmmmm yummy


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The chips are wrong at Burger King and KFC - MacD's chips please. Plus they have milkshakes and McFlurrys. The burgers are nicer at Burger King though *sigh*. I remember whenever I had any of these though that I always felt really disappointed and unsatisfied afterwards though. Not worth it ;) x


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Mickey D's is best for breakfast, Burger King's chips are the best as are the burgers (XL Bacon double cheese with onions, ketchup and maybe was my downfall) and KFC zinger burger hmmmm.

Birthday Cakes in the office today and someone has brought a huge bowl of sweets in too (on the desk infront of mine), grrrrr!!

I'm glad I'm tucking into a Tesco's Raspberry and yogurt bar LOL :D


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Someone here has just bought 2 packs of doughnuts in grrr...


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I love McDonalds breakfast. I used to have a big breakfast meal with a bagel on the side.
McDonalds chips are the best. I like quarter pounders and big macs too.
KFC chicken is amazing - i love the coating they use. Zinger burgers are fab too.
Hardly ever have a Burger King because there isn't one around here, but they are yummy too although seem quite pricey (maybe cos the ones i end up going to are the motorway service station ones).

Just wrote on my diary... i took my daughter for a happy meal today. It used to be a weekly treat for her but i'd stopped all our visits because i knew i couldn't resist. First one in 6 weeks, she loved it. I didn't even lick a chip, i'm so proud of myself :).

Jubbly, you can ignore those doughnuts. Stay strong!


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ooooh KFC zinger burger.....so so good!!!!


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Blimey am I the only one who doesn't like any of these options?? Now pizza hut, that's different :)

Anyway, as everyone's said, forget it and start again. Tis done and can't be undone...... but you don't have to let it affect what you do from now on... good luck!


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mmm stuffed crust
Now you're talking - Pizza Hut :)

Just to put us all back off the fast food scene, last time we went to Pizza Hut my 5yr old lad was sick all over his pizza. He said he felt really ill and my wife took him outside while I waited for the bill and for ours to be boxed up to take outside and eat.

Once I'd paid and we got the pizza outside he said he felt OK again and started troughing pizza again about 5 mins after puking up all over his plate and the table.

Made me feel ill enough to not want ham and pineapple pizza anyway!!!

Personally I really like the salad bar best :rolleyes:


I will do this!!!
ok i think we should stop talking about all this yummy food now!

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