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OMG!!! Bride has ordered the bridesmaid dresses today!!!

It's 18 weeks to my wedding, so I know exactly how you feel hun.... You have SUCH an incentive now - I know you'll do it!!!

Foxy x


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
Thats so exciting for you, i am sure you will look lovely either way bridesmaids always do.


I will succeed!!!
Woohoo!!! That's a great goal to work to honey - whenever it gets hard just think of how much the work will be worth it when you feel like a million bucks! :D

I've just started looking for my bridesmaids dresses - it's such a fun thing to do. I hope you had fun picking it with the bride :D xxx


I will succeed!!!
Woo! Awww bet you're excited! I'm trying to pick the ones for my girls atm - but they can't do a try on until April when one's back from Sierra Leone. Until then it's just a drool fest lol.

Come on lass you can do this!!! :D:D:D
Aw thanks Sticky. I have tried SW twice before but never had anything to aim for! This time ive got my granny's 80th birthday party in February which I hope to be a stone lighter for, my 30th in March which I hope to be 2 stone lighter for and this wedding in June when hopefully ill be 4/5 stone lighter! However im taking each week as it comes along. Have set myself a 3lb target for each week as I believe thats manageable. I wont be beating myself up if I dont hit 3lbs so long as I dont put on!

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