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OMG!!! (food mentioned!)


Serial Dieter!
No I'm not eating it, although I'd forgotten how fabulous they smell!!!

Because I'm going away for a few days, I needed to make something for my son to take to work for lunches, as he just won't make sandwiches himself and I know that he doesn't have the money to go buying stuff for lunch everyday.....

I've been baking cakes for him since day one, and not once have I even been tempted by them....
So, I've made Cornish pasties.... Everything from scratch, pastry, chopped sirloin steak, swede, onion... lots and lots of pepper!

It's been 25 years since I last made them, and they smell absolutely devine! They look heavenly too.

But I know that they're the work of the devil..:eek: (me???)...
So they're on the cooling rack filling the house full of the most beautiful aroma, it reminds me of choughs bakery... holidays in Cornwall and lunch on the beach, fighting off the gulls!! I should have bought him a couple of Ginsters it would've been easier on my Psyche!!!
Still not eating them... I'm posting on here instead and now the moment has passed... I won't be making them again until I'm well and truly done with dieting!!
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they sound good hun! good on you for not being tempted. i think all this resisting food is a good lesson to learn when back off the plan as if we can resist them now then we can in future. well done!


Serial Dieter!
it's not resisting, for me, it has to be CHOOSING!

If I feel like I'm denying myself anything I find that I want it more and more until it overcomes me....

So I'm choosing not to eat this particular batch, because they are meant for my son, and I don't need one at the moment....

I had to take the 'time out' strategy first though and tell myself that if I still really wanted one in 30 minutes then I'd have one.
Like most things, I find, I can talk myself out of a mad impulse in 30 minutes... (usually only takes 5mins, but I give myself 30 just to be safe)
Wow, you're lucky, for me once it's on my mind... it's ON MY MIND... go figure!


Recovering Foodaholic
Everything from scratch, pastry, chopped sirloin steak, swede, onion... lots and lots of pepper!
Sirloin in a pasty! Crumbs, m'dear you want a nice bit of skirt! Far cheaper and better for your pasty, take it from a Cornish girl ;)

Well done for resisting, especially as a good pasty is what I've been craving all along! It's killing me! Reckon at this rate, I'll be having one for Christmas dinner instead of Turkey!! x


Queen of the Damned
It is ALL about choice, and you are doing fantastically :0clapper: :cool:

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