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OMG - i just quit my job UPDATE

Things have been going downhill in work very fast. Firstly our GM had a breakdown, now the person who's replacing her has arrived. First thing he did was demote us all - without telling us.
Now, he's made an incredibly racist comment in front of me - but not towards me. i got quite upset by it and told the assistant manager that i was leaving - that minute.

I have already started looking for a new job, and have felt like leaving for ages. I just felt that this was the last straw and needed to get out of there. After all, i'm on minimum wage!

Have i done the wrong thing?
I am going to write my resignation and post it to them, and make sure the area manager gets a copy cos i dont think someone who can easlily say such words to strangers should be in the hospitality industry. xxxx
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Hi leah,

Surely you could report him for making racists remarks.People are not allowed to behave like that in this day and age.I think you should give the area manager a call and discuss it with him.
Nonetheless,if you are really unhappy at work,perhaps you should think of a change,but you shouldn't feel it is forced upon you by someone who has that type of attitude

I think you should report him and let him face a disciplinary! It is totally out of order and there are usually company policies and protocols outlining issues such as rhis being totally unacceptable. Definately talk to the area manager......

Good Luck hun

Kj xxx
I work in HR. You could ask for details of your company grievance procedure and start a formal grievance against the racist boss. Where there any witnesses to his racist remark? If so and they are also prepared to document what he said this will help.

Alternatively just leave, it will be less hassle but bear in mind if you do leave in this way it is unlikely your company will give you a decent reference. This might make it harder to get another job and also remember you won't be entitled to benefits if you leave your job voluntarily. I understand your boss made a nasty remark but I doubt the jobcentre will be sympathetic especially if you haven't made any attempt to follow a company grievance procedure.
Thing is, it wasnt towards me!
I asked him how his flat was (he's in temp accomodation), he said "disgusting, smelly, full of p**is and their smelly indian food"

So it wasnt terrible, but IMO it was totally stupid of him to blurt it out to someone he doesnt know. I cant stand racism, and it was enough to get a reaction out of me.

I dont care about the jobcentre, im 22, still in uni. It was only a lil job for some cash even though i was working full time.

Thank you so much for your replies guys xxxx


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That is still a racist remark. I think you should follow the grievance procedure. Really you shouldn't feel the need to leave your job because of someone else's behaviour.
Spoken to the GM who went on maternity - she advised me to write to HR.

Argh, havent got a job!!!
who needs money !!! xx
HI Leah, from what I've heard from you in the past couple of months you're an intelligent, kind, committed and hugely supportive person and I think you've done the right thing, take some time thinking about what you'd like to do, I know you're doing uni but in the mean time. If I were you I'd consider something fun yet rewarding, Why not contact an agency, they always found me something when I needed it within a day or two, I can heartily recommend working for the council I've twice done work for them and they were a lovely bunch and you don't have to work too hard, I kept getting told off for doing my work too fast so it would be a good rest. You're young and beautiful, why not work in a fashion store with a great staff discount?????? always a bonus, Keep us in the know, you'll be much better off working without eeejits and minumum wage xxxxx
HI Leah, from what I've heard from you in the past couple of months you're an intelligent, kind, committed and hugely supportive person and I think you've done the right thing
Awww, thats so lovely. Mind, one of the miniminers gave me a ring the other day, and couldnt get over my accent. They said they'd always imagined me as one type of person, yet on the phone i seem totally different! Gimme a ring sometime eh? lol!

You're young and beautiful,

Nah, in all honesty, i enjoy talking to people and so thats why i've always enjoyed the hospitality sector. May just go back to argos, wages were good and hours were sensible :D
My degree is in genetics doll! And thank you for your huge support xxxx
Yep, twas about £5.80 an hour basic, time and half on sundays or after 8pm (and they get deliveries at night so easy money) and TRIPLE time on bank holidays. I used to make a mint over xmas xxx

I wonder if he knows i was reporting him????

Ar*ehole xxx
dunno, i just text my assistant manager to see what my position is. In all fairness though, we stated the reason we were walking out and it was reasonable (well i think anyway)

Perhaps we still have a job, perhaps not xxx


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Hey BG, Just catching up with all the weekend posts...I hope everything has worked out for you...let us know what happens. Vx
meh, feel in limbo atm. Just phoned head office who said they'd phone me back tomorrow - but its making me stress and i can't sleep :(

Thanks for the comments guys xxx

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