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Omg, im growing up!


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Haha, oh my! Its my 18th on the 26th, i move into my house on the 27th AND i started my new teaching assistant job this week.

how on earth did this happen? LOL im growing up.. its scary! :eek:

gosh. Looking back on 2009, its scary to see how different things are now!

Im so pleased though, nervously excited but still pleased.

I feel like a whole new me, i really hope 2010 stays as postive and promising as it seems now! xxxxxxxxxxx
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Wow fern what a great way to start 2010 (do you want to rub your luck this way a tad plz)

Not only are you at target before your 18th and moving in day after, and hopefully you start your new job if kids are back in school, wat a brilliant way to start hun.

Wish you luck and hope it continues hun xxx


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Thanks guys!

- i actually started my teaching assistant job last week, but my contract officially starts this week. - its not a school, its a company who run classes for 0-5 year olds (yes, i get the kids at their best ages yipee lol) which parents pay for.
at the mo we just run gym and music lessons, but im loving it! - its so lovley, and the range of children you see is fab. We had a four week old and a 10 week old in on wednesday. it was lovley!

- It seems strange only turning 18, i feel so much older in myself, like iv been 18 for years, but when i think about it i am actually excited, just a little haha.



Slow but sure....
Fantastic Fern, congratulations to you my love, 2010 is going to be a good year for you. X


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oo its not my birthday till the 26th! (sorry if i confused some of you lol)

Thanks alot guys, i hope your 2010's are going well also!? xxx


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I hope its going to be your year Fern its certainly starting out brillinatly. What you having for your birthday then or is it all a big surprise?


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well, every-ones buying me stuff for the house! which is helpful.. and giving me money towards my wii and wii fit!

we were going to go out for a meal at my fave resteraunt and then to the directors lounge and the movies at cabot circus, BUT as were all redonculously poor now after xmas and the sudden descion to move, were having a family mexican themed family party, and a curry out with friends the weekend after as a joint thing for a friend who'l be turning 28! x


love it
All sounds fab Fern. good luck with the job and the house !!
your job sounds a little but like Tumbletots ? both my kids went whne they were younger and loved it


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All sounds fab Fern. good luck with the job and the house !!
your job sounds a little but like Tumbletots ? both my kids went whne they were younger and loved it

yeah, its called Gymboree.. its a lovley job though. and im very lucky in that my boss is really lovely also!

Roz V

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Wishing you All the Very Best Fern, and Happy Birthday for the 26th! I'm sure that you've made all the right decisions - now just get on with ENJOYING life, as you should be doing at your age!

Have Fun, Roz


I will succeed!!!
Well you've shown 2010 who's boss haven't you? :D

Good luck, and happy birthday petal (early I know but in case I forget to say on the 26th) xxx


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What a wonderful start to your year! Good luck hun! (wish I was 18 again!)


slow but steady!
you are wise beyond your years Fern! :) in a good way lol!