OMG i'm so proud of myself


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I had a REAL bad sweet craving just now. Mum has shed loads of choccy in her room so she was shouting out all the things she had whilst i looked in my directory to see how many syns they were. (I've used no syns today but i had a terrible meal at the weekend so cant afford to use any) Anyway that aside we got it down to a cadburys fudge for 6 syns.

Anyway there it was on my computer desk....looking at me.

I quickly grabbed a bananna and two oranges stuffed them down my face and IM CURED!:eek: i no longer crave it!:cool: I've given the fudge back to my Mum I'm so proud of my achievement. Just got to keep focused- WI Wednesday! xx:p
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Well done!! Will remember that trick next time I'm having a crazy choc craving


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Good for you. That has worked for me these last few days, when I get a craving I eat as soon as possible (obviously SW food) and it does take the craving away!