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OMG I've burnt my hair!!


Gone fishing
.....what's even more worrying is that I don't know how it happened:eek:

I was sat here wondering what the smell was:eek: Almost asked you lot if you knew where it was coming from:rolleyes:

Kept wandering around the house, checking the gas, fridge etc, but it was following me around.

Just answered the door to a friend bringing a card and she said "Oh goodness!!!! What have you done to your hair!!"

Just looked and I've lost a whole chunk. About 2 inches anyway from one side. All frizzled and stuck together at the ends.

Oh my. When did I do that:confused: Was it like that when I was giving lessons this morning?

How scary.
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Oh KD, what on earth are you like!!!! How on earth have you managed to do that?? Have you stood too close to a light bulb or someting, or one of your students took a dislke to you??


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That is the maddest thing ever! You must be able to re-trace your steps and work out how you did it. Unless of course you are a victim of ' partial spontaneous combustion' - just a thought!

Yours worriedly,


Gone fishing
It must be 'cos you're HOT stuff KD. :superwoman:
Teehee. I wondered whether I had actually been sat there with it on fire:eek: Probably thought I was having a hot flush :D

My hair was very short (as in very short, but haven't managed to get for a cut in 6 months....so shoulder length :D)

I've cut both the sides now so they are equal and taper down to frame my face:cool::D Longer at the back. Thank goodness I have tons of hair:eek:

Mind you, I seem to be losing my hair:confused: It keeps falling out:eek: Good thing really because it's so thick and bulky. It might even look 'normal' at one stage...well...if I stop setting light to it that is:sigh:


Gone fishing
Did you work out how it happened ?????
We have a gas hob and I know I go right down to it to get the burner on a low as possible without going out. Of course, I always go down to it when it is very high too:eek:

that's the only way it could have happened I think. Unless the local fire-eater popped by and I didn't notice.:eek:


Gone fishing
You have a local fire eater?

There's posh for you! :D
That's nothing, we have many weirdos around here which is why I feel so at home.

Did I ever tell you about the drunk I met nearby. Yes? No? Oh well, I'll tell you anyway. It was about a year ago. He was stoned, probably in his 80's. Definitely a vagrant. Anyway, he kept stopping me to talk and ask for money for a 'coffee'...(cough)

I popped home and made a coffee, then took it to him and sat on the shop steps to chat. It was probably about midnight; my favourite time of day :D

So we get on the topic of music and he produces a harmonica from his pocket and starts playing. Wow. He was brilliant with it.

He started talking about when he was in the church choir and how he felt everything had gone downhill since they stopped doing the songs in latin.

He then broke into song. Can't remember what he sang now, but I knew it well and his Latin was spot on. Wonderful voice too.

An incredible evening of entertainment with one hugely talented old man.
Nah (again). Something to do with John 3 verse 16. Blooming small print catches me every time:rolleyes:

In that case, I will meet you down there! :D

Look forward to it but not just yet!!

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