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OMG - i've dyed my hair!

.... dark. very dark.

ive been blonde for years and years. i went into the hairdressers wanting a change - thought maybe blonder and shorter - and have come out dark.

still in shock i think!

has anyone else had a radical change since losing weight?

daisy x
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I did go for the really short (well chin length style) but then really went off it and I am growing it long again!!!

Well done on embracing the change. Are you gonna put some pics on so we can tell you how great it looks? Because I am sure it does x x
WOW Daisy

GTood for you, I'm dying to see what it looks like. I've had my hair cut and blonder, but not radical,but Ido wear mini skirts now.....................!


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Maybe not drastic but I died it plum, cut it all off and gave myself a fringe. Put some pics up soon!!!
can't find my camera and my kids have lost the bluetooth thingy from my phone! will post when i can, could do with some honest opinions!

my 5 year old daughter cried and said i'm not a princess anymore, lol!
daisy x


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Thats so weird....my 4 yr old did the same thing!! she kept touching it and saying she liked it the way it was 'defore'


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I think that's brilliant!! It's great to re-invent yourself and sometimes it takes a big weight loss to give you the confidence to go for it!! Well done!! I bet you're getting millions of compliments from people!!X
Our faces have changed so why not change the frame?

I'm sure you look a million dollars Daisy :D.
Bet you look lovely Daisy, blonde or dark.

I once tried dying my hair dark ~ I quite liked it, but my mum and my OH just couldn't get used to me not being blonde.

It was only a temporary colour and the blonde came back, but it was nice to try something new.

Hope you post pics soon. xx :)
I am sure that you will look stunning Daisydoll no matter the colour of your hair.

I did the same a few years back - it did take some getting used to but made the old rootage problem a bit easier to bear lol. I have since gone back to the lighter end of the spectrum but wouldnt rule out another change in the near future - its only hair dye after all.

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaiseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (in my best whining voice) :D

Wheres a pic!!!! :)

I was naturally blonde, until I was about 30, then I died my hair an rich auburny brownish deep red. Everyone loved it, but I never ever got used to it! lol Scared myself everytime I passed a mirror and thought someone else was in the room. SO I eventually went back to blonde, but it was fun having a change for awhile.

Hope you are liking it.

You are still a princess. :)
I've always had really long hair, down to the center of my back...and just a few months ago I've cut it to my chin! (Donated my hair to cancer) But since then I've gotten a lot of compliments. I was going to try to grow it out again, but I think I'll keep it short a little while longer :)


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I love how brave you've been Daisy. I bet it looks fab.

I'm tempted to get mine cut into a short bob (think Katherine Zeta in Chicago) but my sister pointed out how much I like to throw my hair about in a flirty kinda way....not so easy with a bob I imagine...:D


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Down Pete. :D:D:D

I've always been dark. I went blonde once just after my daughter was born (21 years ago :eek: ) never got it quite right and it was high maintenance.

Last year I thought I would lighten up a bit to sort of blend in the greys, you know like you do, but I felt wishy washy.

I've been every dark red, auburn, plum, purple and blue colour you can think of but I'm now back to medium warm brown. I have more confidence being darker, my hair always seems in better condition and seeing as both my mum and nan were dark steely salt and pepper until a very old age, I guess it's in my colouring.

As for cuts, well I had the wedged bob 6 years ago and liked it but then everyone else started wearing it so I grew long again. I like it long but always end up just wearing it up in a twist all the time. Now I have it short with a longer top and as messy as possible. :D Drives my haidresser nuts, he's always trying to make me into a Lady. :rolleyes:

And if we don't have a pic soon Princess Daisy, we'll all be around with the cameras!! ;):p:D
found the camera lead!
daisy x

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