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omg ! I've just eaten ...

Hi there...

dont panic!! It's one meal ....get straight back on it dont let guilt or worry turn this one blip into a full on jump off the wagon.....drink loads of water and refocuss...you have done really well so far gettingto day 8. My cdc said that on the days I weight lift I should have some protein so the quorn wont have done that much harm. Just put it down to experiance and move forward xx
thanks x

im just worried that it will throw me out of ketosis plus i get weighed tomorrow:(

im going to up the water and walk to school instead of going in the car hopefully that will help.

cant believe i did that though especially as tomorrow is my first weigh in :rolleyes:


Cambridge Consultant
Oh dear!!! I hope you dont mind me asking you but what made you do it?? Especially a day before weigh in.. Was there a reason I only ask as if that happens again another time you can try and do something to make yourself not be in that situation, if that makes sense..
Its know point beating yourself up about it.. but try and be strong next time.... as your doing so well and I bet you cant wait to lose more and more. I hope you still have a good weight loss tomorrow x
I dont know to be honest .

Ive felt as though i was torn in 2 these last few days part of me wants to carry on and the other half wants to go back to eating lol .

Not sure if it was a strange way of showing myself that i can do what i like iyswim:confused:

i might put off the weigh in until later in the week, do you think this would help ? maybe thurs ?


Cambridge Consultant
Hey hon .
Ok.. well thats good you know why you did it..
Do you really want to lose weight and be nice and SLIM for the summer? If so then carry on . go to your weigh in its silly putting it off as you may then go on a big binge.. and then to you councellor and discuss with her what happened and she might suggest approaching it a different way.. I really think you should go to wi..
Hang in there hon. we all have different things but we can get through them. xx
thanks for the reply. I will go to weigh in as planned tomorrow, to be honest i feel a lot more positive now and able to carry on. Probably sounds strange but i think its really helped to make me see that i am the one in control and i can choose what i put in my mouth:)

hopefully there wont be too much damage.
2 quorn fillets, some new pots in skins and low fat mayonaisse :mad:

Cant believe i did it but i just had to eat something, i have been arguing with myself in my head for the last few days.

Do you think it will have done much harm ? im on day 8
Hey hun, I did something similar on my day 7 (well not quite so healthy, I ordered chicken fried rice :ashamed0005:) and it kicked me out of ketosis and my first weigh in was really rubbish!!!

Good news is I cried after my first weigh in and decided to go at it full force this week because i'd felt so disappointed in myself. It was really the kick up the bum I needed. I've stuck to it 100% this week and although I haven't had my official weigh in yet, the scales are showing a definate loss!!

Having the potatoes you probably will come out of ketosis as they are pretty much all carbs, but just get back on it comfortable in the knowledge that everybody has slips, Also don't think of it as starting again (I find this really demotivating as you feel like you're constantly starting over and then start to think 'i'm not getting anywhere so what's the point??') and think of instead as a stop off on your journey.

Good luck for your WI xx

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