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OMG Loving the mousses!!!

When I first tried the mousse I hated it because I used too little water and it tasted like silicone, and the second time I used too much water and it looked and tasted like diluted baby food. Well last night for "dinner" I got it just right and it was absolutely delicious! Took my time savouring it and I'll be having it for dinner tonight as well! I used vanilla and it was luscious, like a NY vanilla cheesecake without the crust! I'll have to get some chocolate packs from my CDC as I'm sure it'll be gorgeous in that flavour! YAY!!
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you can only have one a day unfortunately. You add a level scoop (that comes with the mousse mix) to your shake, add cold water, blitz and refrigerate for 10 minutes then you have a lovely mousse!


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is it like the texture of mousses you can buy? whenever I've tried to make it, it ends up like a jelly/silicone and didn't taste very nice
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That's exactly what they were like when I started making them. I think the secret is adding just enough water, not too much not too little, I think about a cup. Make sure the water is ice cold and blitz with a hand blender. I think blending it makes it a lot smoother and lighter, more "moussey" lol.


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The choc mint one is gorgeous! I think I may try splitting them tomorrow. I was thinking half toffee and walnut, half chocolate.
Does anyone find this affect their weightloss or ketosis? I want to try it but I think Im one of those sensitive people who is affected by anything thats not a sachet!
I love the mousses and especially choc mint.

I make mine this way

Put 150mls water in freezer for 10/15 mins until ice crystals start to form.

Add 1 level scoop of the mix-a-mousse to a shake sachet and shake together then add to the iced water.

Blend for 2/3 mins pour into a bowl and pop back into the freezer for approx 10/15 mins.

This way never fails me. Comes out just like Angel delight.


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The mousses are lovely, and you really feel like you've had something to eat. I find blending is essential, to make it nice and foamy.

(Warning - do NOT make mousse with a Tetra Brik, I tried it the other day and it was very weird indeed. That's a creative impulse that I soon stamped on, lol. :D)


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yeah best results, stick it in freezer rather than the fridge :)

i'm gonna make one with my half pack of toffee & walnut, i am guessing if it's half a pack, then i use half the mousse scoop and half the water???


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i cant get enough of the butterscotch made in to a mousse tastes devine xx

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