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OMG what people will pay on ebay


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Hope its still in date.....I dont know why people pay over the odds for it.....! Just because they dont want to see a cdc I suppose......but why ?????????


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Sometimes it's because people don't want to see a CDC, sometimes (and this is the most difficult to see happen) it's because they are contraindicated and shouldn't be following CD at all :( It's something that Cambridge are doing their best to crack down on, but it's a long difficult job.
and some people get ashamed because they have done it a few times and struggled, they dont realise a CDC will open their arms and embrace them back, they just feel like a failure, even though they arent coz they are trying again x


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Must be for alot of different reasons, just seems silly paying all that cash when u can see a CDC and get the support and the diet alot alot cheaper.


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OMG I feel so angry when I see that people are allowed to sell it on ebay. it should be only through cdcs so people get the support they need. I wish I could just contact the buyers and tell them that any cdc would LOVE to see them.
I feel angry too. Must be people with an eating disorder (people that should not be on Cambridge) this is quite sad. I would never ever sell any of my spares on ebay as it is adding to peoples eating disorder.
Maybe it's also because there is the occasional poor cdc who doesn't answer phone calls from someone wanting to start the diet so they get completely discouraged and tempted by the easy answer? Must confess I've been tempted having spent a week trying to get to speak to someone!
I have to hold my hand up to being tempted to purchase LL and CD packs via ebay, as I had a four week wait to start LL after I had my induction evening. However, in the end I just cut down on my calorie intake leading up to my start date, and hey presto it did the trick, I got a stone off before I started. There are a lot of desperate people out there I guess, I was very nearly one of them! Angela x
I was also tempted at one point because none of the CDCS would get back to me. I was waiting for about 2 weeks and then when one did get back to me she wanted me to check if my GP would let me do it (i take meds) and then arrange a second appointment to get the forms filled.

I have to wait 2 wait till i can see my doctor, so i would have had to wait for a month to get started. Luckily another CDC got back to me just before i had my doctors appointmet and eveyrthing worked out fine :)



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I think sometimes,these poor people probably don't have much of a clue about Cambridge,maybe not researching it first,and are so desperate to lose weight,will pay over the odds for the packs?That's my theory anyway:( I feel for them.


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I think there are a lot of people who wonder about the three stone thing too... I didn't think I'd be accepted by a cdc as I was 12st 10lb.. This might be 3stone over the 9st 10 I want to be by our wedding but it's only 2st over the max weight for my height... So I *hangs head in shame* bought a couple of boxes from ebay as I honestly didn't think I'd be accepted by a cdc.. I was wrong - and now (you'll be glad to know!!) I have my own cdc!!

There are also people who just want to do it for a couple of weeks as a "quick fix", wrong I know - but unfortunately a market has been created for these people because people sell the drinks!

I guess as well there are people who live a long way from a cdc or are just really busy with work and want the "buy it now" convenience I guess!!

Not saying any of those reasons are right - just other reasons apart from those suggested as to why people maybe buy them!!

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*I must hold my hands up* When i left LL to switch to CD i had 36 LL packs leftover. I asked my CDC if i could use these LL packs along with the CD packs (i didn't want to waste them) she said it wasn't advisable, so i decided to sell them on e-bay. I was gobsmacked that the bidders went made, the bid ended at £98 :eek: ....Too be honest i never really gave it much thought that it maybe people with eating disorders that could be buying them, i only thought "ah well they no use to me anymore, i might aswell let someone else benefit and make my money back" Never in a million years did i expect it to go so high.

Please don't judge me, i thought i'd be honest with you guys...xxx

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