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OMG Who Said It Was Ok To Add Curry Powder To Shakes?

rainbow brite

Oh my! Duly noted for future reference, though I doubt I'd put it in. Still, good to know so thanks for the info.

As for the loss, try not to dwell on it and good luck for next week! *hugs*


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sorry but i've never known about curry powder being allowed, try chilli flakes now they defo are allowed. keep your chin up and drink lots of water and you will get a good loss next week
wow - i know that the offical word is NOTHING should be added. I think some people can get away with adding some things and other people cant. Well at least you know!

If you want to try the chillio flakes best to get the ketosticks test thingies and then u can keep an eye on yourself and ensure its having no effect.

Officially, nothing is allowed to be added, I put curry powder in mine and I had no problems


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Maybe I can help....

There are different types of curry powder. The more pure curry powders seem to be fine but beware of the one's that contain other ingredients. I used to use a brand when I first started that on more detailed scrutiny actually containing 2.5% fat!!! Check anything you add very carefully is my advice!!!
becareful of the ones that contain Lemon grass that was my downfall but was soon back to normal the next week see weight loss.
I would not recommend either curry powder or chilli flakes in the banana shake :eek:


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so schwartz medium curry powder is a no no?????


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ingredients in schwartz medium curry powder:

Coriander seed, salt, tumeric, ginger, cumin, fenugreek [woteva that is :confused:], mustard flour, garlic powder, all spice, cayenne pepper and black pepper

now considering this is a low carb diet i think maybe the 'flour' and the ginger [what with it being a 'root'] and cos i have no clue what fenugreek is, thats enough to put me off adding my little sprinkle ever again!!! :eek:

Luckily i have only added this to the soup twice - i deffo wont be adding it again :(

I have decided not to add any sweetners either - i will drink my shakes as they come - boring as it might get - being fat can't be better :D

wow i am such a blinkin :innocent0002:


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does anyone know which brand is ok?


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How much was you putting in? A teaspoon of curry powder (even if it does have carbs) shouldn't knock you out of ketosis...not at all!! The amount is nominal.

Is it the TOTM hun? Have you been drinking lots of water? Like Gazza said he's put curry powder in all the time and so have I. I use cajun spices, fajita spice....infact all spices in my soups and it has never made a difference (except to the taste).
Hmmm duno if it's totm as I have a coil?
Just emailed LT asking if it's ok to add salt & pepper as this seems to take away the taste of the soup hehe
It was only a teaspoon I was using, wtf????
Oh & it was Sharwoods rather than Schwartz!!


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im getting weighed tomorrow and on monday and tuesday had curry powder in my soup... one was shwartz super hot and one was a bombay spice mix...

if i loose less this week i will cry xx

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