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On a mission, a weight loss mission

On the count down to starting the cambridge diet. I start on sunday and this is the first time of trying it. I see that some people keep a diary to help them & figured it would be worth a try.

Feeling abit nervous about starting to be honest. Im starting on Sunday and am dreading the tiredness and headaches, not to mention the nad breath (does that last all the time?)
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That was meant to say bad breath hehe
I have found that after a few days, either I got totally used to the bad breathe, or it disappeared. Don't worry about it too much, drink your water regularly and be friends with your toothbrush and it will all be good! Keeping a diary is really useful, it has made me check in everyday and also be honest with myself about how things are going!
Good luck!
Thank you very much! Last day of eating normaly today before it starts
Day 1....Have been up for over an hour now & still not very hungry. Unsure whither just to have breakfast just now or wait until i am actually hungry....will need to start drinking more water as just realised how much 3 litres actually is. Am looking forward to the challenge but quite nervous, although have promised myself that i will settle down tonight and watch PS i love you... Will check in later and write down how the day has been


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I would wait until you start to feel hungry! Good luck with your first day! After a few days you won't feel hungry anymore :)
Good luck with your journey! It's worth every second of not eating I promise :)
Thanks for the advice...wondering what the stuff will taste like as well hehe! I am so hoping i have the will power to stick to it!


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Your welcome :)

I only have the shakes as I hate the porridge and the soups! I love all the shakes except the cappuccino and the toffee and walnut! All the rest are lovely. Slot of people do enjoy the porridges and say they are very filling, everyones different I guess.
As for the soups, apparently you can make crisp out of them! My friends sent me a recipe link the other day on how to make them, which I'm still yet to try!

As for will power, I think you just really have to want to do this more than anything! I'm going to Mexico in July so have bought all my clothes in a size 10 so I really can't fail this! Maybe you could buy yourself a goal dress and hang it up somewhere in your house where you can always see it? I have size 10 clothes all around my room! Haha!

Wishing you lots of luck, I'm sure you can do it! First few days are definitely the hardest, but once you get into ketosis you will wonder what all the fuss was about :)
I have gone for a mix of all of them, just to try. My CDC has said that if i dont like any of them, any extra i have i can swap for ones that i do like. I have got the porridge to try. I dont normally eat breakfast but with my job its quite hard to know when my lunch hour will be on any given day so think i might have to have something at breakfast.

Im getting married in 16 months so thats my big goal but also hoping to go away in the summer so trying to use that as my main aim.

Kels, thanks again for the advice, sounds like you have quite a good system for keeping the will power going, think i might have to try it!

Katie, thanks for the goos luck, looks like you have done really well on this so far!

Hope i am as sucessful as the two of you x
Your welcome :)
You can do it! Good luck with everything! I'm sure you'll be at your goal weight well within 16 months :-D xxx
hey I am sure you will do great ! I love the porridge its so yummy and filling , the maple and pecan is amazing .. but it can take a while to get right ... I add 200ml of boiling water to a jug with 2 sweeteners ( for the maple one ) then stir in to the porridge and mash with a fork , then 1 min 20 secs in micro .. lush ...

if you dont like certain things now then you may find if you try them again in a few weeks your tastes will have changed :)


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Hi Suzy Kate

I am sure you will achieve your goal in the 16 months!! You have a great thing motivating you... Congratz on being engaged to get married by the way!!

About the headaches and tiredness, it is different for everybody... not everybody expierences these. My CDC told me if you have a headache it is ok to take a pill and rest a bit, just take the painkiller with a shake so its not too hard on your tummy. I haven't had any major headaches yet... but I am only on day 3. As for the tiredness I haven't had that at all yet.

Now that pesky bad breath... what I did was buy a travel tooth brush with tiny toothpaste, mouthwash and sugar free breath spray! I put it all in a small make-up bag together with some tylenol extra strength. I call it my CD survival kit :D:D

For motivation I have a list of reasons not to cheat hanging on my mirror in my room, and pictures of myself in my bikini stuck to every food cabinet in the house. (a bit extreme but I am somewhat of a binge eater) And just like Kels said about the size 10 dresses.... Yesterday I did a little shopping for dresses that are too small for me. (Good idea by the way Kels about hanging them around your room!)

Like I said I am only on day 3 but I prepared myself mentally for the CD and got a lot of information on what to expect from this forum, not to mention the marvelous support!

So just so you know there are alot of people here willing to support you and encourage you on your journey!!
Day one nearly over.... Had a porridge this morning which was nice, didnt have until 12pm as i wasnt hungry until then. Had soup at 430, oriental chilli which was also nice (i even still sat at the table with my fiance and had mine whilst he had his. He said he felt really guilty but it was important to me that we still did it as we dont get much time together as it is) Struggling to drink all the water though, have spent most of the day in the toilet. Worries me slightly as i am out & about in my job & dont always have access to a toilet so worried about drinking all the water tomorrow!

Feeling not too bad at the moment, although i know it is only day 1
Day 2:
Managed well today, wasnt too hungry and feel ok, apart from being cold. Drank all the water, although still in toilet all the time. Very stressed out with work though and feeling quite frustrated. Brain very tired and still more work to do at home. I hope that i wont get so stressed that i want to eat rubbish...
Day 3: Managed another day woohoo!! Had all my packs today so thats me again until tomorrow! So tempted to weigh myself but trying to hold off until Monday when i next see my consultant. Managing to drink the water better today as well & avoid the toilet as much.

There was a table full of cakes today at work which i managed to resist and my fiance had my favorite salad tonight for dinner....oh how i wanted to eat some hehe
Well done Suzy :) :)

Your doing so well!! Are you in ketosis yet?
Big pat on the back for passing up the food at work, and your favourite salad!! You deserve a big pat on the back for that :-D well done xxx
Im not sure if i am or not. My cdc gave me some stick but i dont think i am showing any of the signs yet. Struggling abit tonight as i am really really hungry. Im also finding it kinda weird that i cant chew anything hehee....that sounds very weird when not in my head
When you feel hungry try and drink some more water, it really does fill you up and make you feel better!
It took me about 4 days to get into ketosis, once you are you don't feel hungry anymore, all the hunger sort of comes from your head, that doesn't make much sense, it's like you sort of want the food, you don't need it!
Hope the hunger passes for you! X
Day 4:

Another day done, thank goodness!! Think i am in ketosis now as my fiance informed me my breath smells weird (thanks very much haha!). THe stick my CDC gave me has gone a kinda deep pink colour so think im at least at the start of it!

HAd a shake for breakfast & lunch and then soup for dinner! Still feeling abit hungry and i am imagining eating all kinds of food, some i dont even like! What is this diet doing to me hehe!!

Only 11 and a bit weeks to go.....

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